Many famous people have twins. Show business is no exception. Alla Pugacheva had several.

Has a “twin” and Olga Buzova. But who is this man? A guy or a girl?

The double – account in instagram. From time to time there are new pictures.

Not so long ago, subscribers were informed that the girl-double (instagram is on a woman’s face) did your operation to be more like Olga.

The resemblance really is. However, the followers suspect that singing TV copies man. Perhaps transgender.

“Not like that, I think a guy”, “Similar, but not quite… Cheekbones finally neither she is now in a trance like”, “I hope She’s not a guy have Boobs?”, “A face like a ladyboy from Thailand”, “you can See at once that this man was a straight dumb!!! Cheekbones stand out peasant”.

Itself Buzova does the presence of their “copy” is not commented.

As previously wrote “the Rambler,” Olga Buzova failed with a frantic schedule, which fell on her after the abolition of isolation.

The body artist broke down and rebelled. In the end, Buzova needed the help of doctors and now the singer comes to, lying under a dropper.

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