Thierry Ehrmann is not a contradiction near. It is on the top floor of a chic brasserie in Saint-Cyr-au-Mont-d’or, leafy suburb on the heights of Lyon, the CEO of Artprice, world leader in databases on the art market, receives his visitor just lowered the TGV. A place in the tranquility of the bourgeois, out of sync with the image of the more punk of the bosses, the French, the pioneers of the Internet, sculptor XXL, adept scarifications, aviator, and seasoned, with a passion for the occult sciences, a breeder of horses, a polygamist and organizer of evenings decadent. A taste of freedom, which garnered him a reputation in the good company of lyon, he exècre, which does not prevent it from belonging since more than thirty years the Grande Loge nationale française.

Sprawled on a bench, dressed in his eternal black t-shirt, the bird of night poses for the photographer in front of a double espresso. “I drink a 16 to 18 cups per day, it is excellent for the health. Forty years of chemotherapy, it’s use ! “, he smiles. His speed gun makes it sometimes difficult to follow, but the man knows how to listen. The meditation, which he practices on a daily basis, is one of the keys to its balance. Suffering from an orphan disease, neurodegenerative, Thierry Ehrmann, 56 years of age, “shoot” constantly, to overcome the pain, but this hyperactive insomniac does not lose the north. “I come here for the view, which overlooks all of Lyon. As I live most of the time retired to my lair of the Abode of chaos, my private dream, it is my breathing, ” he says.

A vision cold of a future apocalyptic

two steps from The Auberge du Pont de Collonges, the restaurant three-michelin-starred Paul Bocuse, who was a close friend, Thierry Ehrmann has created there are nearly twenty years a contemporary art museum open to the sky, completely free of charge. Exposing a vision cold of an apocalyptic future, it brings together 7 500 works, of which 3 600…