An earthquake has rocked on Thursday by the southern California. According to the earthquake-USGS, the quake had to wait in a desert region approximately 250 kilometers to the North-East of Los Angeles, a thickness of 6.4.

The Erdstoss occurred at a depth of eight kilometres. It was felt in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as the transmitter CNN reported. About damage, nothing was according to police in Los Angeles, first known.

The small town of Ridgecrest, near Death Valley shaken national Park was hardest hit by the earthquake. CNN that there were reports of damage to buildings.

Strongest quake in 25 years

The last major quake in Los Angeles with deadly consequences goes back a good 25 years. In the case of the Northridge quake in January 1994 with a magnitude of 6.7 killed 57 people. There are millions of damage caused.

The US West coast state is considered to be very vulnerable for earthquakes: a total length of almost 1300 kilometers of the San Andreas fault runs through California.

At the deep-reaching disturbance in the earth’s crust, the Pacific plate moves to the Northwest, and rubs on the North American continent. This tremendous tensions building up in the earth’s crust that can erupt in earthquakes. (SDA)