Artists, especially young ones, were in the "monstrous situation" because of the pandemic coronavirus, said "Evening Moscow" producer Joseph Prigogine.

"Even the first dozen of the most popular stars today, almost a curse, because they all lost the opportunity to earn almost eat what was possible at the time to save," he said.

Prigogine noted that now in a similar condition are the artists of theater and circus, as well as dancers and musicians. According to him, the situation will improve any time soon: Prigogine believes that the concerts will begin no sooner than six months. In addition, he doubts that the audience will immediately begin to buy tickets when the opportunity arises. Also much will depend on the epidemiological situation.

Prigogine explained that part of the amount for the performance artist goes on flights and accommodation, as well as advertising, transportation equipment, content Director of the hall and pay the musicians.

"And then he receives any profits", — said the producer.

Better the situation of those who were able to engage in entrepreneurial activity, says Prigogine. He recalled that artists pay taxes, and the state, in his view, should return them the money if cultural workers are in a difficult situation and need support.

Earlier, the actor, singer and bodybuilder Sergey Glushko, known under the name of Tarzan, said that the coronavirus pandemic has hit the family budget.

He noted that because of the COVID-19 cancelled concerts, so artists do not have the opportunity to earn money. Glushko said that many people think of celebrities the richest people in the country. He explained that in contrast to the "grandparents who sit at home and received a pension", and receive, the artists do not have a penny. In addition, Glushko admitted that it had to close its fitness center.