Former Director of group “on-On” Andrey Nazarov has filed a lawsuit against Bari Alibasov Jr.

Nazarov requires Bari three million for injuries he received during a fight that happened on the show.

The representative of the Bari Alibasov, Sr., Vadim Garankin, I am sure that this money can not see Nazarov, reports Channel 5.

According to Garankina, although the fight was, but everything looked completely different. Nazarov attacked Alibasov first, and not one.

a “was shooting on the “First channel” during this program at Bari Jr. attacked Nazarov and Yurin. And at that first together. And, of course, there are records of how it all in the Studio occurred.

But when there was a fight, they already had three. And this fight was joined by security, plus joined the audience. There arose such a massive fight, I believe, seven or eight,” – said Vadim.

As for injuries, their Nazarov received, according to Vadim, in the bustle of a General brawl.

That Alibasov Jr. has no relation to them allegedly seen in the recording Studio.

“We have already seen this video, and clearly shows that this is not the handiwork of Bari Jr., they’re just themselves in the brawl fell and hit maybe on the table or on some solid object.So we are very skeptical about their claim. And believe that they have no chance”.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, in June the media reported that Alibasov-the senior was hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital due to the unstable condition on the background medication.

In the first half of July his son confirmed it.