During her marriage to Charles, they are said to have been a couple for five years: James Hewitt and Princess Diana. In an interview, her former affair now spoke about her not-so-secret affair and why he is still afraid of being hated 25 years after her death.

August 31st is a black day in the history of the British monarchy. 25 years ago, Princess Diana († 36) died in a tragic car accident in Paris. At a time when Diana seemed to have just recovered from her unhappy marriage to Prince Charles. On August 31, 1997, she was finally set to see her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, after being separated from them for four weeks. Diana had just been enjoying happy days in Sardinia with her partner Dodi Al-Fayed when she accompanied him to Paris on that fateful night.

Her death not only shook the entire monarchy, but also her ex-lover James Hewitt, with whom Diana is said to have had a secret relationship for five years during her marriage to Prince Charles. In an interview with RTL, Hewitt now spoke about his love for Diana and made an amazing confession.

According to his own statements, he and the Princess of Wales were a secret couple for five years. However, James Hewitt probably did not know how unhappily Diana really was married. “I didn’t know she was unhappily married. No, I wasn’t aware of that at all. ”The 64-year-old leaves it open whether Charles or even Harry and William knew about the relationship. Still, he hopes that during this time, her sons and Charles would have realized just how hard he was trying to make Diana happy. “I sincerely hope they realized that I was trying to make them happy in the five years we were together. That was very important to me.” But even 25 years after her death, Princess Diana still has a firm place in his heart, as Hewitt told RTL: “She will be an important part of the rest of my life. I still love her.”

Diana and James Hewitt reportedly met in 1986. He was her riding instructor. In the notorious scandalous interview, in which Diana also spoke about Charles and Camilla’s affair at the time, she also spoke about her feelings for James Hewitt: “Yes, I adored him. Yes I was in love with him. But I was terribly disappointed,” Diana admitted in the 1995 BBC interview. The Princess and Hewitt are said to have gone their separate ways since 1992.

But 25 years after her death, Hewitt still worries about the hatred he might have for his past relationship with Diana. Maybe because they lived their affair openly, as he suggests. He would have seen Diana every week or two. In retrospect, however, Hewitt has to admit that their affair was an “absolute scandal”. “Everything was open, including our communication on the phone. She was dangerous, actually stupid and naive.” Diana even went so far as to talk to the Queen from his landline. “It was all accepted at the highest level,” says Hewitt.

Immediately after the accidental death of Princess Diana 25 years ago, conspiracy theories shot out of the ground. That’s behind it.

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