if you Google “What is a transitional jacket is this?” one spits in the search engine “The transition jacket is a shy creature”. Why is that? Because it is the product of human indecision? Because she has done it because of their functionality, never the Cool? Clothes have a High School, the transition jacket is not likely to sit with a trench coat and leather jacket at a table. You would have to with the other clothes have lunch, which nobody wants. And when you redeemed them from their exile, and then only rarely. If you don’t know how the weather is. It is not second, but last choice. And then usually the wrong one.

Yeah, the weather is erratic, which makes our morning, or even pre-finite-clothes-planning is often quite snippy with a bloody dagger in shock. Then time is running out. The heart is racing. The eyes are what you see don’t like. But who suffers the most? The Transition Jacket. Had to ran and get to once again feel that it is stop-gaps. This is not fair.

you can Create a leather shirt

shirt? It’s Jackets? Perhaps this is precisely the solution. The transitional jacket needs to be reconsidered, a new Form. We have now decided simply: It is the leather shirt. Leather jackets has Yes every. The stand at each corner with a cigarette on the Sleeve, glue, leather jackets, don’t say anything more. Rock? Please. Embarrassing, if you don’t find in secret Luca Hänni’t so bad.

The leather shirt is still completely vacant. Leather has great features. It is breathable and protects against Wind and weather. Faux leather can compete with the Latter, and requires no maintenance. In the very linear Silhouette of a shirt leather is minimalist and yet incredibly spectacular. A leather shirt loves gold jewelry, this pairing is simply unbeatable. A Dream-Team, quasi -, ready to conquer the world, even in the storm.

to make sweaters and any blouses with puff sleeves area, demonstrates the leather shirt Size. And like a about the actual. It may extend up to the knee, it is allowed to mutate into a coat and dress alike. It its wearer is still free, if you wish Sleeves. The classic in Black is infinitely chic, brown and creme, with pull. Colors such as Royal blue, Pink or Red for hot heads. Is wonderful when it is pouring from above, how stupid, right?

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