a Little lost he looks, the bronze Aristotle, as he is staring at sitting there on his place, and in the distance. On the feet is a scroll, sandals in Hand, longing for the wide, wide world. Around him, the colorful life: Ladadika, the old olive merchant district of Thessaloniki, is the navel of the almost one Million inhabitants city, a meeting place of tourists, the location of the loudest Bars and the best Restaurants.

But the bronze of Aristotle, can’t cheer for the wild. It seems, as the ancient philosopher could not shake the thought of the economic crisis, the Thessaloniki has made in the past years. In the process Aristotle would have to smile actually. The optimism, the rhythms and the Greek joy of life have long since returned to the “second city” of the thermaic Gulf, which has been through in its long history been other crises as a couple of hard economic years.

the Romans, the Ottomans, the Greeks

The Romans ruled here, the Ottomans conquered the city, then the Greeks came back. We have the most famous Greeks, Aristotle, is behind us, and walking on the Quai along past dozens of Cocktail Bars. From the White tower, we turn left, and stroll up to the old Rotunda of the Roman Emperor Galerius. His Mausoleum was used by the Ottomans later, as a mosque. Today it is the most beautiful ruin of the city, decorated with wonderful frescoes.

No meal is complete without something Chtipití as a Starter – a feta cheese cream with olive oil and Chili.

Stuffed peppers with rice and minced meat. It is also available in the variant with Zucchini. Delicious!

The typical Greek stew (made of beef, but also from rabbit meat) is not to everyone’s taste: The savoury dish is cinnamon flavored.

For the peckish there are two types of dumplings, either filled with minced meat or sweet with Semolina.

The nut-filled pastry is known primarily from Turkey. However, the North Baklavá specialists are Greeks. Necessarily the Greek variant to try.

Behind the Rotunda, in the little street of Apostolou Pavlou, a cover we Kokkinos Fournos with the finest Koulourakia vanilias. The round sugar cookies give us the necessary energy to overcome the steep ascent to the old town district of Ano Poli. The only district that survived the devastating fire of 1917, practically unscathed.

The Vibe is a total of other than in the bustling streets of the under city. The Stroll through the narrow streets has a decelerating effect, the sight of the Byzantine fortress from the 4. Century puts us in a different time. On the towers of the fortress wall, the warm evening wind blows to the ears and makes you want to have a strong Sundowner. In Thessaloniki, no Problem.

The best Cocktail Bar in the city

The most original Cocktail Bar in the city: La Doze in the old commercial district of Valaoritou at the port. We walk back into the city, past the bronze Aristotle and into the evening’s entertainment. More than 100 Drinks on the menu. A DJ plays Mediterranean melodies, and we are finally arrived in Greece, resurrected metropolis.

the tourist traps district of Ladadika lurk everywhere in the vibrant Traders. The Paparouna is not one of them, on the contrary. The Restaurant with the checkered floor and colourful walls, is famous for its Amuse-Bouche-Süppli and fine specialities.

In the small Taverna to Igglis in the old town there is a wonderful grill dishes and local menus of the day also Greek Drinks and Oriental Mezzes.

perhaps The most beautiful Church in the city (picture) is dedicated to Saint Demetrios. The Roman soldier was killed at the spot where the Basilica stands today, by the minions of the Emperor Galerius. He is the patron Saint of the city. His Remains lie dormant in a silver casket in the interior of the building, which had served the Ottomans once used as a mosque. Only in 1913, when the Greeks had Robert the city, were laid in the ancient frescoes and mosaics on the painted walls again.

Fans of modern painting in Thessaloniki. In the State Museum for Contemporary art avant-garde will be shown of works from Russia. In the Pinacoteca pictures of Salvador Dali hanging on the walls. And the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art prides itself with Originals by Andy Warhol and Niki de Saint Phalle. Those who prefer classic, you can strip the gears of the Archaeological Museum or the halls of the Museum of Byzantine culture.

Nowhere is the Ottoman heritage of the city as well-cut as in the old Turkish baths. The most famous Hammam of Thessaloniki is the Yahudi Hamam (the “Judenbad”) from the 16. Century. Not less beautiful is the Bey Hammam, which was built in 1444. In both, you could bathe in the 1960s. Today, they are the primary Museum spaces. The full Hamam program, you can relax in the “Hammam Baths of Thessaloniki”, a posh, with marble-appointed, modern bathing temple.

in the Wonderful Greek traders world you can immerse yourself in the ancient halls of the Modiano market. Here, fresh coffee, vegetables and fruits, iced fresh fish, cheese and olives are offered in all imaginable colors and shapes for sale. There is a nice cafe in the middle of the market there also.

the town’s landmark, the White tower is directly on the sea. 34 meters high, the round giant towers in the sky. It was built in the 15th century. Century. In its long history, it served as the Arsenal, as a prison cell for Doomed, as a food warehouse by the Nazis in the Second world war, as an air defence base and as a weather station. Today, the tower received his white coat only in 1913, a Museum. The Audio-Guides, the view between the peaks are free, fantastic.

Hip Bars and Underground Clubs to conquer the ancient trading quarter Valaoritou just behind the port. One of the most fashionable addresses here is the roof terraces-pickling Fragile, the name the Locals also “Taratsa”. Good Beats, good Drinks and a bit of a view: More is needed to start, not to the Greek night at the sea.

not far from the hustle and bustle of the old Olivenölhänd-ler-Ladadika district, this small Hotel Colors Central offers twelve elegant rooms, most of them in modern colors and with a hip Pop-Art decorated.

Swiss flies from Zurich to Thessaloniki, Easyjet from Basel Connections in the Greek metropolis.

At more than 3000 Greek Islands, it is difficult to decide. The best hoppt from island to island. We have discovered the Mini-island of Halki. There’s nothing here! Fortunately. Beautiful holidays were rare.

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