From may to July, you like to beat: Martens, with their sharp teeth easily, cables, wires and hoses through to bite – to the Annoyance of the affected motorists. According to motor trade Association of Switzerland (AGVS) caused by rodent damage each year in the amount of approximately 40 million Swiss francs.

A raccoon alone would be no Problem Having the night-active animals in the toasty warm engine compartment nice, mark, but their territory with scent marks. Another Marder through a foreign station that roams, then he is responding irritably to the scent of conspecifics and aggressive and biting it right through all the cooling water hoses, brake lines and the electronics.

5 effective tips to

air Parker, not Park your car always in the same place, are affected. For this Markus Peter, head of technology & environment the AGVS, the following tips:

The most effective protection against marten damage a car Park in a closed Garage.Motorists can’t Park your car in a Garage should wash the engine regularly and thoroughly (can), the marten scent marks to get rid of.Stable cable sheathing for the vulnerable parts to help avoid damage.A particularly effective electrical devices have protection, such as ultrasonic devices: they produce for the human ear not perceptible acoustic Signal – the marten don’t like. Also helpful: A car battery is connected to the control device which supplies, to the possible entry points affixed metal plates with high voltage, similar to a pasture fence. Permanent damage from the electrocution of the animal.

Of other on the Internet recommended Tool of the expert, however, considers: Whether the wire mesh under the car (as marten will not run allegedly on wire), including distributed human, cat or dog hair, Toilet blocks, moth balls or scented sachets in the engine room, or a Radio that is performing very quietly next to the car – the effect is at least controversial.