MOSCOW, may 3 – RIA Novosti. The Russians began to show signs of “quarantine depression”. How dangerous is it and how to get rid of her, told radio Sputnik psychotherapist ain Gromov.

a Month of isolation because of the pandemic coronavirus spoiled the psyche of many Russians. Because involuntary quarantine someone even began to develop clinical depression. The reasons can be different, but the symptoms are always similar. Psychotherapist ain Gromov said that they can be seen even during a banal family watching TV.

the Russians, who think that depression during isolation is an artificial problem, which does not affect the life, ain Gromov recalls that neglected cases can lead to disastrous results, so you need immediately to pay attention to warning signs.

“If you Wake up in the morning and have you feeling like you got run over by a truck, then this factor will drain the nervous system and can provoke further development of clinical depression. If earlier you were smiling, something dreamed and made plans, and now do not want, then this is also should alert you. It is important that when depressed people will note that they have no desire to eat. They are the meat and the grass will be the same. Also if you have no sexual needs in 30, 40 or 50 years, then it, too, should pay attention, because this is not a very good factor,” explained psychotherapist Gromov.

Win “quarantine depression” is possible with simple equipment.

“we Need to find a private space with time to do nothing without tasks and interactions with family. If a person has no personal space, then he cannot recover and complains all the time that he wanted to be alone, but no time. So it is necessary to find always, not waiting for the moment when things got bad,” he told radio Sputnik therapist.