He celebrated, took drugs and had fun with many women: Justin Bieber (25) had it in the past crashing. With Hailey Bieber (22) has found the pop star, the woman of his life and renounced prior to the marriage with the US Model is to have Sex. In February, the singer’s “Vogue revealed” that he and Hailey slept together, before they gave in last September after three months of relationship.

The vow of celibacy was for the two to make the best decision. Bieber had decided, mainly because of his faith. “God is not asking us to refrain from Sex, because he rules, and wants. He wants to protect us from pain and I believe that Sex can cause a lot of pain,” says the singer. Bieber had earlier had a “real Problem with Sex”.

“My Partner is not very traditionally,”

The “Love Yourself”-Star is the only celebrity who refrained from before marriage to have Sex. Miranda Kerr (35), which is currently expecting her second child with Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel (28), before the marriage with the Tech billionaire also on abstinence. The Australian Supermodel revealed in an Interview with “the Times UK” before the wedding in 2017, that you forbid. On the question of whether this meant that she wanted to expand her family, replied Kerr:”. Not before we got married. My Partner is very traditional. We can’t… We wait.”

“Sex is only for after the wedding”

Model-colleague Adriana Lima (37) want to keep for your husband. The Supermodel said in 2006, “GQ”: “Sex is only for after the wedding.” Men “need to accept that this is my decision. If you don’t respect me, doesn’t mean that you want me,” said Lima. Three years after the Interview, Lima gave to the Serbian Ex-basketball player Marko Jarić (40). The Couple left in 2016 to get a divorce.

Mariah Carey (49) also wanted to wait until after the wedding. Before the Pop Diva gave her second husband Nick Cannon (38) in 2008, the Yes-word, she said to “Mirror”: “It’s not like we were even intimate, but we did not go to the Extreme. I found that it would be much more special if we wait.” The Couple left in 2016 to get a divorce.

Simpson promised it “God, the father and future husband”

US singer Jessica Simpson (38) went as a virgin into marriage with Ex-husband Nick Lachey (45). “I promised God, my father and my future husband that I will stay a virgin until I marry,” she said at the time. “I always knew that I want to do.” The Couple was married from 2002 to 2006. Today, Jessica Simpson with husband Eric Johnson (39), happy together, they have three children.

Kevin Jonas (31), was, together with his brothers, Nick (26) and Joe Jonas (29) since teen days, an abstinence ring. While his brothers were these, finally, passed the American singer and his wife Danielle Jonas (32) to wait with the Sex until after the marriage. “I would, directly after the engagement to marry,” she said, “People.” “We would have gone crazy if we had waited longer.” (kad)