Are you got up this Morning full of enthusiasm and looked with anticipation to the upcoming day? No? Then you are like many others. Because for a lot of people to get up in the morning is a pure torment, because they feel alone with the thoughts of the everyday work of discomfort.

dissatisfaction or Stress in the Job must not be underestimated: too often these things lead to the diagnosis of Depression. The depression Atlas of the techniker Krankenkasse (TK) is shown. So since the year 2006, around 86% more people depressed (as of 2015).

The German health insurance company has evaluated the sick-leave of more than four million workers Insured and found that the risk of developing Depression, and primarily depends on the profession. About six percent of all Examined even takes antidepressants.

all of These professions are particularly

Particularly affected professional groups are usually on a social level. These are often underpaid and overloaded. Basically, the survey shows, however, that vulnerability to Depression is particularly high if the person Concerned has no influence on the process or the success of your activity. If, in addition, little recognition comes in the Form of salary or job security, then the vulnerability is increasing.

these are the most vulnerable occupational groups:

call center old – age care child care health and nursing public administration social work security services medical-technical professions in the laboratory business consulting professions in the technical production planning and control