yogurt lid, spoon in, in the freezer, et voila – homemade ice Cream from Childhood is born. Bubieinfach.

What was all the rage, and proved himself today. Respectively, the demand for homemade ice cream is on the rise. So really homemade, not a yogurt just freeze. It is not only the fine chocolate ice cream from the Italians next door is meant.

Individual Ice cream to conquer the market

The latest creation is called Popsicles. Or to English: ice cream on a stick. They come from small innovative producers. And this in all sorts of colors and flavors. As diverse as the sweet tooth, so it should be your Ice cream. The main thing that are of the right quality. “The Swiss have always had a taste for fine confectionery,” says author and nutrition researcher Dominik Flammer.

The Trend is towards naturalness. Artificial flavors and hidden dyes are undesirable. Points can ingredients are fresh and real taste. The Tatjana Weber and Sabrina Zakowski of Tutu’s Ice Pops know. They sell their Popsicles in all major Swiss cities.

is Sweetened with rice syrup or agave juice

it all Started three years ago. For your daughter, Tatjana, Weber wanted to create a child-friendly ice cream, free of chemical substances. You mixed your fruits and froze the mixture. The result: Smoothies on a stick. Today, three of their varieties are based on this simple concept. They are called pineapple-Kiwi-passion fruit, lemon-Apple-ginger and strawberry-raspberry-blueberry. It is sweetened naturally with agave syrup or rice syrup.

the brand new Zurich Glace-Label La Crema de la Crema sells the colorful Popsicles. The Inspiration Samantha Meier took from their country of origin Mexico. There they are called Paletas, and are for decades popular. Meier, in the way that Tutu’s Ice Pops on a natural and no chemical additives.

Popsicle-Trend begins in Switzerland, just

The Glaceliebhaberin introduced her Pop-up Store for a few weeks at the train station Stadelhofen in Zurich. A place where every day hundreds walk by. Unfortunately, you actually do just that – pass by. Meier’s Business has start-up difficulties. The reasons: on the one Hand, many are not aware of the new Stalks-Glaces yet. On the other hand, the prices from the horrors.

Popsicles cost like 4.50 Swiss francs, the Raketenglace for 1.25 francs in the Kiosk next door. “People don’t see why they should be for a rogue Wasserglace have to pay so much,” explains Meier. Their Fruit has not much to do with an industrial Wasserglace to. The consumption of raspberry-vanilla Popsicles is like a refreshing taste explosion. Since you want to shoot the Raketenglace best of all, on the moon.

Glaceschlecken for a good purpose

At the Street Parade was better, since your Popsicles with alcohol called Poptails (a mixture of Popsicle and Cocktail), all the rage were. Party-goers “gluschtete” after a Gin-and-Tonic – or Piña-Colada-Glace. To walk in the So a during the working hours, not for the Swiss but out of the question, tells Meier.

Currently, Samantha Meier created new varieties for the next season. Of Mezcal (agave liquor) about Agua de Horchata (süssliches rice drink) to spicy Mango Chamoy ice cream with Chili. Also, the Gelateria La Golosa in Bern’s has expanded its ice-cream-on-a-stick-assortment in June, around 20 varieties of fruit sorbets.

The Lucerne Label Masuka has a different goal. Be hibiscus Wasserglace was launched a year ago by the charity organization water for the water to life. Per sold Glace 25 cents will be donated to water projects in Zambia and Mozambique.

Must now be Glace to be healthy?

all of them are Whether Wasserglace ice cream, Sorbet or a coconut milk-based Stalks – free of animal products. Thus, the summer trend, something for Vegans and Allergy sufferers. Nobody has to do without it, finally, ice Cream is food of pure enjoyment.

“Even the nutrition-conscious people forget that is the radicalness,” says food expert Dominik Flammer. Nevertheless, more and more people pay attention to the fact that the ice is not a mastige calorie bomb.

smells as healthy as many a cucumber Popsicle, you are but not always. Depending on the brand of the Stalks-Glaces have a relatively high Sugar content. Calories moderately a lot of a industrial Wasserglace.

Frisco and co. keep an eye on the competition

to ensure a well-balanced diet, is certainly not wrong. But it must now be self-Glace healthy? And what does it even mean to be healthy? Little Calories? Fresh Ingredients? Natural Sweet?

the small ice cream are booming, and also the large, well-known companies. The trademark Frisco is about, it is the request: “We look at this motion very carefully.” Due to the competition you have to improve always and to prove.

But the classic Pralinato, rocket, and Twister will be sure to childhood memories of other generations – they have all survived the turn of the Millennium. Ultimately, competition benefits the consumer. The diverse Glacekultur live!