in 2019, the year of naturalness is, at least when it comes to the hair of men. Gentlemen, say goodbye to the 08/15-Undercut, and now set on a longer mane. Also Schnauzer appeal.

Long hair and natural tones

What cut should a man wear? “First of all, long hair is back in fashion. This is a typical counter-movement to the Undercut,” says Charles Aellen, owner of the salon, Charles Aellen Company in Zurich. The cool long hair Look gives the wearer a modern look. “What is important is not that the cut is sliced like fresh, but even a little grown out.”

those Who find that long hair doesn’t fit his type, you can also use the mm section. The short-hair Look is available to any guy that wants to emphasize the shape of its head. To popular a beautiful crown. The classics come according to the hairdresser is never out of fashion.

the color of the Hair: natural tones of this year, trump! Blonde, brown, Black – the main thing is, it doesn’t look dyed. If you want to stand out from the crowd, however, can resort to shades of red.

The seal mustache is back

Also, when Bart is there to observe 2019 Trends. Always liked the old three-day beard. Here, attention should be paid to the care, Hygiene, and masculinity will be emphasized.

Also, the Schnauzer is asked, according to Aellen: “seal Schnauzer this year we will see more of you.” However, caution is required, because not every one of them is this Trend.

A good hair what is the cost

it is allowed to cut, According to the Coiffeur, men always give more attention to your hairstyle. In the last ten years, there had been an increase in male customers: “a change in thinking takes place. Men now spend some more for your hair cut.”

Aellen compares the Coiffeur visit with a Personal Trainer in the fitness Studio. “One hour of personal training may not cost you more than a perfect men’s hair cut.” Although the coach cost a lot, then not a great result. However, a Barber within one hour true miracle could cause on the head. Aellen is sure: “A good haircut frames the face and is allowed to cost so little.”