the 1. Half Dome in Yosemite national Park, California

The 2693 meters high mountain in California is notorious for deaths. Around 60 people came during the attempt to climb the Half Dome, lost their lives. Experienced hikers will need for the approximately 25 kilometres of around twelve hours, trip distance and approximately 1500 meters of altitude. The something the Novice can use in the last 120 meters of wire parts, in order to faster get high. And there’s the game with the life begins.

In wet weather or thunderstorms is strongly discouraged by the climb. Remember, not all unfortunately. So it came to 2012 to an accident, as a Wanderer the slippery wire ropes were fatal. Also at the falls, which lie on the route that have accidents, people. Lightning is also a frequent cause of death.

2. Skellig Michael, Ireland

Die-hard Star Wars Fans will happen in this area, it is known: On the Skellig Michael island is the final shot of “The awakening of the Power”. It is also the site on which there are one of the most famous monasteries to marvel at in Ireland but but. Which was probably founded in the seventh century and attracts many tourists.

Because of Skellig Michael, twelve kilometers off the coast of state Kerry, visitors can reach the island only by boat. Some people did not survive this bumpy ride in the first place, because they were covered by high waves. If you survive it, and on a lonely island, comes the next obstacle: approx. 180 feet in height, the small monastic settlement is located only by a 1000-year-old stairs (without railings!) to achieve. The 600 steps up to the finish were some of the trip fun for Verhängis. Therefore, there are on the web site of Skellig Michael-a safety video, which aims to raise awareness of the dangers.

3. Boa Viagem beach in Recife, Brazil

the sun, the beach and the sea: visitors to the Boa Viagem beach would not come in Brazil, there would be this many shark attacks Between 1992 – 2012, there have been 56 shark attacks – more than a third of them ended in death. Record in South America!

The reason: During the construction of a 13’500-hectare industrial port in the state of Pernambuco were blown up coral reefs, and so food and reproduction areas destroyed the cartilage fish. That is why the sharks are forced increasingly into the urban area of Dodge, where you will be confused on beaches such as Boa Viagem prey animals with people.

4. Kokoda Track, Papua new Guinea

The Kokoda Track is a 96 kilometre-long forest trail in Papua new Guinea and was known, as a him the Japanese army used in the Second world war. For the roughly 60-hour walkway, you need not only a good physical condition, but also excellent climbing and Swimming skills.

in Addition to mosquitoes, which transmit Malaria and other exotic animals can also be the obstacle, has made a nine-member Hiking group in 2013, an uncomfortable acquaintance with the villagers on the Kokoda track. Two hikers were hacked to death with machetes, the remaining seven of which came with serious injuries.

5. Alnwick Garden, Northumberland, England

The Alnwick Garden is a true garden Paradise in the midst of the landscape of Northumberland in the North East of England. In addition to the long Tradition (to 1750), hides the real attraction of Alnwick Garden behind a Warning label with the inscription “These plants can kill”. In the “Poison Garden” – created because of the Duchess, Jane Percy wanted to show that there are only “harmless” greenhouse – you can admire over 100 poisonous plants. For example, the deadly nightshade, whose poison will attack the nervous system and can kill people.

Despite the high toxic potential of the crowds in the “Poison Garden” is huge. Access is only permitted in the company of an expert guide.

6. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher are the most famous cliffs of Ireland, and is situated on the southwest coast of the Irish’s main island, in the County of Clare. They are especially in summer a popular tourist attraction. The cliffs protruding up to 200 meters steeply from the water and extend for eight kilometers along the Atlantic ocean – breathtaking views guaranteed!

However, the Cliffs of Moher also have their shadow sides: up to ten people from these cliffs plunge a year. In addition to recklessness, and Recklessness, there are more and more people with suicide attempts.

7. Acapulco-the beach, Guerrero, Mexico

Formerly a popular holiday destination, holiday makers today, and a big bow to the former the exclusive seaside resort of Acapulco in Mexico.

The environmental pollution and the increasing violence deter tourists in January and February 2013, it aims to have 200 murders. Also, currently Acapulco of Criminals is dominated. The Federal police believe that the Violence is the drug trade. The Beltran-Leyva cartel is trying to be in control of the city to recover and seems to be in front of tourists to shy away.