This article was created 20. march, but we’ll update the article when it pops up the new digital concerts.

At the beginning of the quarantine suddenly hope in the Facebook feed of many. Groups that offers digital concerts that can be enjoyed from your favorite chair.

Joik and caribbean rhythms

Friday we are going over the border to Sweden at the concert, which had been entirely excluded without the digital concerts. 27. march at 19:00 enters Natalie Carrion scene in Umeå.

Natalie Carrion plays concert from Umeå, sweden 27. march at 19:00.

Photo: Tanja Linnea Eriksen Norbye / NRK

The young sami artist from the Swedish side of the border, blending modern pop with their cultural backgrounds in both Lapland and the Caribbean.

LIVE // Online concert with Natalie Carrion (external link to Facebook) Poetry from Sweden

When we are in Sweden, we can be there a bit. Saturday 28.03 enters the Timimie Märak the digital stage at 18:00.

Photo: Carl-Gøran Larsson / NRK

Timimie is a poet, whose tool is the written, and unwritten, word and entered the art world with the poem “Us local People”.

Timimie Märak (external link to Facebook) One of the best

Valy Sessions turn to with one of the premier Jazzgitaristene in Norway, Hallgeir Pedersen. Øksfjodingen goes live the 28.03, at 20: 00.

Photo: Erling Wicklund / NRK

lead Guitar-the format has become one of the finnmarkingens trademarks. His ursterke tone, rhythmic and harmonic understanding allows him to create magic, without any other experience, writing Valy Sessions. This time he bid on his vocal too.

Valy Sessions // Hallgeir Pedersen (external link to Facebook) “Live Shopping”

There are also samlesider, where artists can post invitations to their concerts. In fact, there are so many concerts that you as the audience simply can go shopping and concerts. Here are two of the pages where you can pick and choose among digital experiences.

Sami digital Sessions (external link to Facebook) Digitalscenen (external link to Facebook)

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Past concerts

These concerts have already been, but can even be enjoyed in the replay.

Valy Sessions // Slincraze (external link to Facebook) V10 Onstage // Recycled (external link to Facebook) V10 Onstage // OSE (external link to Facebook)