On the 23. September is the official start of autumn. Short Shorts, and breezy skirts in soft and then long pants. When outside temperatures drop more and more, snuggle up in warm clothes. We don’t have to be sad that the sun-filled summer is over, because the fall brings casual Trends with.

anyone Who believes now, the most fashionable colors for the cool Season, grey or Black may be entirely wrong. Because the autumn is anything but boring: Colorful colors such as lilac, warm Orange, bright Pink, or bright Yellow to bring the Highlights in the drab everyday life and the mood in no time to be lifting anything. Wild patterns like leopard-Print or stripe may be.

Airy models

cut technically, it is convenient. The most fashionable models promise a lot of legroom. So we are attacking this season, for example, to Culottes, long Marlene flared trousers, suit pants, or pinstriped pants. These trendy ankle boots or Ankle Boots to match. The Good thing about the wide cut: conceal excess pounds and magic slim legs.

Colorful leather pants

give you warm, and keep dry: leather pants are only practical on cold and rainy days, but also increase the value of any Look. This season may be models in all colors. Emerald green or Purple are particularly in demand.

Dark denim Jeans

Who wants to resort to the good old Blue Jeans, should put on a darker tone. Everything fits, no matter whether elegant Satin blouse with a leopard-pattern, bright-colored jumpers, or in All-Over Denim combines the Look.


A color stands out in the case of the leg apparel in particular: lilac glows in the autumn from all sides. As pants the lilac should be a sit-colored model is particularly high in the waist and super long.

pajama Pants

After we have resorted to in the summer to Slip, the Slip Pants to use. Pajamas similar silk pants that flatter our legs. The fabric not only provides comfort, but can also be combined in many different ways. To do this, select a color-coordinated Kimono, looks the Look especially elegant.

Military Pants

This Trend is quite practical: The khaki classic has a lot of pockets and offers tons of storage space. Expensive It-Bags are unnecessary.

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