two days Ago made Reality star Evelyn Burdecki (31) publicized that it receives daily 500 to dick pics. Now, your prominent colleagues to log in to “picture” the word. Also you will be bothered in Social networks evils of Intrusive men.

One of them is “Berlin – day and night”-Star Anna desires (27). She has a small daughter, which is why your Community mainly consists of young mommies. Nevertheless, it gets appreciated at least a Dickpic per day. In addition to the images, you also reports of immoral Offered: “There are also men, often comment on my stories and vulgar. You write, for example, what would you like to do with my Breasts. If it is too crass, do I block the guy.”

defloration requests via Social Media

Vulgar requests and images is the usual Porn Star Aische Pervers (32). She tells: “every day I get to the 20-Penis-photos via Social Media sent to you. In addition, but also Videos and requests, if you could have Sex with me. Some really want to, I entjungfere you.” Such messages are ignored and blocked particularly Intrusive User. The same tactics Playmate Cathy Lugner (29) the following: “Such people must ignore. Dumbass, there is enough in the world, where you don’t need a platform. If it is me but violently, then I block the User, of course.”

exhibitionism to. the police

Playmate Ramona Bernhard (31) can be followed once again goes a step further and calls for a police pursuit: “I unfortunately get always Mails or messages, in the me, apparently, mentally ill men Penis send pictures This triggers in me a nausea. Heard that the police prosecuted and punished, as any indecent exposure!”

Also the German “Bachelor Girls”Saskia Atzerodt (27) and Jade Britani (24) have made their experiences with sleazy images. You say both that the amount of pictures has significantly decreased since they are no longer seen on television. Designer Claudia Effenberg (53) etches: “I find such news mega disgusting! I react because there is not in it, but delete it immediately and block the types.”

Janine Pink the men in Instagram just

“celebrity Big Brother”winner Janine Pink (32) is a little bit more imaginative. The men publicly on Instagram only. In your Story-the Highlights, it has created extra the heading of “fuck boys” in which she posts all of the pig’s messages. The names of the Malefactors, they censored but. To do this, she says: “I know really, why are these people doing this. I have the everything on the phone backed up. I do always take Screenshots of these photos and repost the order to you, anywhere also just. Because I think to myself, What is the matter with you? And then nothing more comes are also usually of such users.”

Swiss Promis Not to fight with unsolicited naked pictures

only German celebs have to contend with naked pictures and Sexanfragen to – Swiss women suffer from it. Ex-Bachelorette Adela Smajic (26) has already been surprised several times of evil: “Then you’re in the Drämmli and all of a sudden a Penis on your phone is. And the men see this as Flirting.” For you is clear: If you will not be asked for it, you should not send naked pictures.

the Same opinion and top model Manuela Frey (22). You didn’t mind when her lover sends her an intimate photo, from strange men, you would find this incredibly brazen. How to you deter such types, know exactly. When she received a photo of an erect Penis, post it on Instagram. You wrote: “Many thanks to the guy that you sent me a Dickpic.” It even goes a step further as a suffering comrade Janine Pink and writes the full name with contact request: “If you want to know how his Penis looks like, write him a personal message.” Cast this Post has sure, the guy turned out his profile on private.