More: Alpine A110 S

With more power, better suspension, but also a higher price, the Alpine variant of the A110 S the principles of brand loyalty: agile, light and fast. 40 more HP, the S makes model and thus comes to 292 HP for just 1114 pounds. Suitable for this purpose, the S is tuned, in principle, sporty. The prices for the Alpine A110 S start at 74’800 francs.

variant: Audi A1 city Carver

Audi has launched the small A1 car as a variant of the city Carver. Like an off combination, it is presented in a rugged off-road Look, has larger wheels, and four more inches of ground clearance. So it is easier to get in, and the Overview is thanks to a higher Seating position better. For the drive a 200 HP (147 kW) strong turbo diesel with 6-speed dual-clutch automatic provides. Only in Switzerland, sought after 4×4 is missing. The prices start at 28’300 francs.

New: BMW X6

With the X6, BMW landed an unexpected hit, and created a completely new SUV Segment. The second Generation of the SUV coupé was smart, but pale many customers. Understandably, the third edition looks significantly sharper! So, the kidney is larger, not only, but also new light. 91′ – 100 francs, two Diesel (265, 400 HP) and two diesel (340, 530 HP) to choose from, all with 4×4 and an Eight-speed automatic.

Revised: Lexus RX 450h L

Fold, push, fold: The Lexus RX is in the long-wheelbase version with seven a quick-change artist to Sit. The three seats of the second row are of the order of 95 mm in a longitudinally displaceable manner, which helps the knees and Threading in the third row. From 85’000 Swiss francs for the flexibility of a family vans encounters the usual luxury. The hybrid system consisting of a V6 gasoline engine and two electric motors – one per axle for the 4×4 comes on 313 HP. For this purpose, the revised continuously variable automatic comes.

New: Mercedes GLB

it has been Long speculated and hoped for. Many had hoped for from the Mercedes GLB is a small G-class. Now there is but instead of an SUV an SUV. As a kind of Short version of the GLS, the GLB provides for compact dimensions, optional space for seven people. There are three Diesel (116, 150, 190 HP) and two gasoline engines (163 and 224 HP) for the drive. The two most powerful engines will have all-wheel drive, and all the dual-clutch automatic. The prices start at 45’500 Swiss francs.

New: Nissan Juke

Nissan’s new Juke points, especially for city dwellers. So there are many wizard, strong character Design, and to Start, only front-wheel drive. Although visually much less extravagant than its predecessor, is likely to share the same Design tastes. As he has grown overall, the Juke is now more space. For the drive of a 117-horsepower turbo diesel with circuit or dual-clutch automatic provides, for the time being. The prices start at 21’490 francs.

Revised: Opel Astra

Opel equipped the Astra is a Facelift and trims the motors on Savings and low emissions. Five engines (1.2 – and 1.4-l gasoline engine with 110, 130 and 145 HP and the 1.5 l Diesel with 105 and 122 HP) should continue to offer the 100 g/km CO2 limit. For 100 screws, for example, be used less, and six kilos of saved or the transmission is improved. The five-door starts from 23’850 Swiss francs, the station wagon called Sports Tourer will cost 1000 francs more.

New: the Peugeot 208

Even small cars can look really cool. The new Peugeot 208 is proving with his cheeky Design inspired from the larger 508. His Coolness, the little Frenchman in the Cockpit underlines: The instruments are only digital, but also have a 3D effect. To Multimedia with Smartphone Integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to come. From 18’to 300 Swiss francs, there is the gasoline engine with 75, 100 and 130 HP and a 100 HP Diesel.

New: Renault Zoe

The pioneer of small electric buzzes car in its third Generation. Renault has missed the Zoe more range, Power and Style. The French promise thanks to the new 52-kWh battery (up from 41 kWh) up to 395 km range – measured in the strict WLTP cycle. At the same time, the output of the 1.5-Tönners increases of 27 to 135 HP (100 kW). The Version with 108 HP and less range, remains in range. It starts at 25’900 Swiss francs. 29’700 CHF sinds when R135 – however, if the battery for 10’000 Swiss francs is not entire, at least 94 francs per month battery rental.