Multimedia-If you have a newer laptop that he has to stand in both work and private life, then it is usually a lot more cost.Tweakerszocht of the best laptops of the moment is in front of you. The three winners from the top end at least you know that you are paying for the quality. The HP Spectre x360 is 13 (from $ 1.699)

1.700 euro to spend on a meeneemlaptop of a thirteen-inch (33-centimetre diameter)? That must be one spectacular machine! That also goes for this line of digital cameras. The screen may not be the top just one with Full HD, even though it is more than adequate for, say, Netflix to watch, but in terms of processing power, it is a beast. 16 gb of ram, an Intel Core i7 processor with a high clock speed, and a full terabyte of storage capacity.Click here to view the HP Spectre x360 the 13.

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