the Val Calnègia : The secret valley of the Ticino

Once the Ticino Val Calnègia only known to the Locals, because of the valley begins almost unnoticed above the waterfall in the Village of Foroglio in the bavona valley. Today, a Hiking trail leads up the vertical rock wall. The Good: Only experts get lost in the about three kilometers long valley surrounded by high mountains. Peace is therefore guaranteed. A special feature is the so-called Splueia are shelters and mountain huts, located on and under large boulders.

Cold Lauterbrunnen valley ( BL ) : An oasis in front of the gates of the Basel

Nowadays, it is quiet and in the Cold depths of the Lauterbrunnen valley. In front of about 15’000 years, to the shady place near the city of Basel, however, was a Hotspot of hunters and gatherers, the limy caves served them as protection. The rocky substrate also provides for a spectacular phenomenon: streams disappear suddenly in the ground, somewhere to re-emerge. The area is criss-crossed with a cave system, whose secrets you can explore on the “Karst trail” of the local height researchers Association. Did you know that in the caves, 48 different animals live?

Vallon de Nant (VD) The Paradise

opposites characterize the Vallon de Nant, the leads above the village of Bex in the Canton of Vaud in the mountains. From 1250 to 3000 meters above sea level, the valley extends and combines the gentle Alpine meadows with Alpine glacier heights. Accordingly, diverse the plant world is: Up to 1000 different species of plants to live here, which is why the valley has already been declared in 1969 to the nature reserve. Anyone interested in the Flora of the Region, should visit the Alpine garden Thomasia in Le Pont de Nant. There are 2000 Alpine plants, each labeled grow.

Weisstannental: St. Gallen’s wild East

the Wolf and the Steinbock have the Weisstannental in the Walensee back to Robert – and a pretty good taste proven. Because the valley on the Eastern tip of the Canton of St. Gallen is a piece of jewelry with no through traffic and with gentle tourism. The Capricorns have written here, even the history books As the man had stolen 100 years ago some kids in Italy and in the St. Gallen wildlife Park Peter and Paul raised, was the first of five animals here. Who is more interested in the Swiss national animal, can expand on the ibex trail Knowledge. The white is tannental an ideal Hiking area. One should not keeps skipping the Museum “Alte Post” in the hamlet of weisstannental, where the “good old days” alive. In addition, the valley for its water is known, the highest rushing 86 meters in depth.

Maderanertal (CSA) : A gem of tranquility in the Gotthard massif

At the Gotthard is rarely quiet: car columns, and rattling freight trains dominate the image. But right next to the sometimes congested traffic axis, an oasis of calm is hidden. The maderaner valley attracts many visitors. The hopes were once other: the Hotel Maderanertal of the great times of the tourism generated. 100 years ago the Hotel was the target of statesmen and artists. Those days are over and who can enjoy a hike up, the force of the Swiss mountain world in solitude.

Breccaschlund ( FR ) Unknown landscape

The Breccaschlund above the black lake in the Canton of Fribourg is one of the most extraordinary and probably unknown to most high valleys of Switzerland. Was shaped the landscape by the glaciers of the last ice age, the hobelten a special landscape. Characteristic of the limestone boulders, some of which were stacked to dry stone walls. From the Schwarzsee from a variety of walks will lead you through the Breccaschlund. If the Hunger tweaks: There are three Alps, where hikers can strengthen.

safien valley ( GR ) : The Walser culture on the trail

anyone Who is now on the way, finds in the Grisons safien valley, a flower carpet, as far as the eye can see. However, even if the cows have done to the flowers feast, is the valley of the Rhine, a feast for the eyes, in the mountain tradition is still alive. Was coined in the safien valley by the Walser, the 13. Century farmed the steep slopes. The valley is certainly a Paradise for Outdoorsy: hikers and bikers will find many existing ways. But also for those interested in culture the valley has something to offer: As the Walser houses, which survived the centuries, and the art festival Art safien valley, the whole valley Land-Art objects to be placed are.