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Hart Island has long been used as a place for society’s sick, the lonely, and at times the outcast.

The small island that belongs to the borough of the Bronx, the house has both a prison camp, prison, and sanatorium. For over 100 years, it has also been the burial grounds for new yorkers without relatives or family members or, where these are not able to take care of a funeral.

In normal times buried it around 25 people a week on the island. The graves are made ready by prisoners from a nearby prison, who work on the island.

In the beginning of march started the number of dead to increase, as a result of koronautbruddet. Now buried over 20 people each day five days a week, says gravferdsetaten in NewYork to news agency AP.

the Coffins laid side by side in long, klartgjorte mass graves.

Photo: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

The dead are laid in the simple furukister, with the names engraved into the lid. The coffins are lowered down on a row in one large, common grave.

Two finished excavated mass graves bear witness to the extraordinary times in which advises.

Because the prisoners who normally works on the island comes from a prison that now has been koronasmitte, the prisoners were replaced with contracted workers.

Planning for the 5000 extra

the Island is also used as a temporary storing place if the number of dead exceeds what the government is able to take care of on the ordinary cemeteries in the metropolis.

– We are not arrived there yet and hope we don’t do it. But at the same time we are prepared if the situation should change, ” says Jason Kersten, who is the spokesman for the agency, to the news agency AP.

It is planned for the temporary storage of 5000 chests in various kjølefasiliteter.

Pat Marmo, who operates a funeral home in Brooklyn, say they need help and support from the funeral homes in other cities to handle the situation in a worthy way.

Photo: John Minchillo / AP is Asking for help from other cities

Begravelsesbyråene in the city working around the clock to take care of all the dead.

the Situation is described as so acute that the local authorities have asked funeral directors from other cities and states to come to New York to assist.

– We normally take care of around 40 dead in a week. The last week we have had 185, says Pat Marmo, owner of the funeral home Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home in Brooklyn.

– It is a crisis situation. We need help, ” says Marmo to the AP.

When the survivors contact him, he asks that hospitals keep the deceased as long as possible. For with him and other funeral homes are kjølelokaler and spare compartment for the longest filled up. But such is also the situation at the city’s hospitals. At the same time, crematoriums and cemeteries waiting period of up to two weeks.

Hospitals have taken in use coupled with refrigerated trucks, Marmo considering to do the same, if he gets an appointment with the police station right across the street that he can park any avlastningsbil there.

He also hope krematoriene get permission to deviate from the current operating rules, so that the pressure on the joints behind can decrease.

– No one is just a corpse. They are a father, a mother, a grandmother. It’s not just about dead bodies, it’s about people, ” he says.

Marmo describes the situation as “unreal”, but is concerned that the dignity must be preserved in the midst of the crisis. Therefore, he has furnished the agency’s hovedkapell so that the very closest can take a form of parting, at the proper distance of the deceased and each other.

Several of the city’s cemeteries only allow begravelsesagenten and the priest to be present during the actual graveleggelsen.

Pat Marmo have had to put in a cooling system in a spare compartment to take care of all the dead that come in. 60 per cent have died as a result of the covid-19.

Photo: John Minchillo / AP Over 7000 died in the town of

Over 7,000 people have now died in New York after having been infected and sick of koronaviruset.

Just in the past day (from Wednesday to Thursday) died in 799 people, the highest number in the state since the outbreak started, 20 more than the day before.

the Town is still the centre for smittespredningen in the united STATES.

And even though the number of infected persons to be admitted to hospital rose by 200, the climb, the cheapest listed “since the nightmare began”, according to the state’s governor Andrew Cuomo.

the Number of inmates has decreased steadily over the last few days, and the governor hope this is a sign that smittekurven begins to flatten out. At the same time, he warns that the death toll is still likely to be high.

the Number of dead as a result of koronaviruset are now twice as many as the number who died in connection with the terrorist attacks of 11. september 2001.

Cuomo says situation is the most painful he has been through.

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Evidence that the measures work

taken together, it is registered 468.895 infections and 16.697 died as a result of the covid-19 in the united STATES. Dødstallet the last day was 1.904.

Trump-the government’s smittevernekspert, dr. Anthony Fauci, the mean number of hospital admissions go down because of the measures that have been introduced.

With the thought of death is a terrible, terrible week. At the same time as we see the death toll rises, we see a quite dramatic drop in the need for hospital admissions, said Fauci at the daily press conference about koronakrisen Thursday.

The latest forecasts show that the country will get 60,000 died as a result of koronaepidemien, it is down from an estimate of 100,000-200,000 people died.

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