The barfüsserplatz in the city center with important history,

The Barfüsserplatz, the well – hektischste place of the old town of Basel and the most beautiful. The “Barfi” is surrounded by historical buildings that symbolize Basel’s importance in the history of the Region – and, unfortunately, of modern fast-food Restaurants. A wild architectural Mix, which overlooks the gray-brown facade of the old city-Casinos easily. It was written behind these facades of world history. Here the first Zionist world Congress took place in 1897. Under the chairmanship of Theodor Herzl, the Jewish representatives from all over the world discussed the establishment of a “home” for all Jews in Palestine: the basis for the establishment of the state of Israel. A decision, which leads to large tensions in the Middle East.

To the Golden stars: The oldest pub in the city

probably The oldest pub in Basel the Restaurant “Zum goldenen Sternen” at the St. Alban-Rheinweg is. According to Tradition, the messenger of the Swiss Confederation in 1501 sat together here to discuss the recording of Basel into the Swiss States construct. Originally, the house stood in the Aeschenvorstadt, in the ‘ 60s, the Inn was dismantled stone for stone and in 1973 in the “Dalbeloch” here in the St. Alban-Tal rebuilt. Chapeau!

paper mill

Since in Basel in 1460, the first University in the country was opened, the city developed into a Hotspot for printer and Paper maker. The paper mill – now a great little Museum, where you can try yourself as a Paper maker drew in 15. Century in the building of the old grain mill. Well possible that also the largest heads, taught in Basel, the mathematician Leonhard Euler, the historians Jacob Burckhardt and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, the Philology-Lectures – recorded all of their thoughts and formulas on pieces of paper which were drawn. One of the best museums in Switzerland!

coffee and appetizers in the company in mid –

In the Foyer of the old Bank building in the Gerbergasse 30 Basel originellstes Café is located. Where in the past Bank were customers in front of the switches serpent, today it is a fantastic Fair-Trade coffee sipping, and in the alternate world ideas to revel in.

precious Sleep in the Les Trois Rois

The double room at Basel’s top address, the Les Trois Rois, one gets depending on the season, starting at about 300 francs. The proud chunk is worth. Finally, you will be staying in one of Europe’s oldest guest houses (already in 1681 mentioned as the “Gasthof of Three kings”). And if that’s not enough as an Argument, take a look at the historical guest list: Voltaire, Goethe, Picasso, Casanova, Wagner and the Rolling Stones have already stayed here.

Original eat in Bodega zum Strauss

Welcome to Basel kurligster pickling. Here you don’t eat in the dining room, but feels like in the living room. Here, it is not for themselves, but are brought up close, loud and fun – and eat simple and insanely good. The Bodega is anything but bull, and certainly never boring.

Sporting highlights to experience

The “Joggeli” is the home stadium of the FC Basel of Switzerland’s most successful sports clubs of the last decade. If Live Sport, then you here! In addition to the Matches there are stadium tours and from time to time, play world-famous Bands in front of full stands.

Young theatre art worthy – the theatre case

you don’t have long been Basel’s most famous Ensemble, but is probably one of the most courageous theatre-Combos in the country. Their productions are politically, to play in exciting locations (for example, on old freight train stations) and inspire a growing fan base. Don’t miss out!

For families: in the Basel Zoo

The Zoo of Basel – at the Locals only “zoo” – has special Highlights of Europe: Currently, the offspring amazed at the Flamingos and the monkeys and the visitors. In addition, the whole range of Zoo animals and a particularly beautiful aquariums of the world is represented.

For art lovers: the Museum landscape

in addition to the Kunstmuseum Basel, one of the largest of its kind in Switzerland, the Fondation Beyeler is the second famous art-Highlight of the city. For the past 20 years, the Fondation shows in the Prachtsbau by architect Renzo Piano masterpieces of European painting and sculpture art. Currently, an exhibition with works of the contemporary painter Rudolf is shown Stingel.

For the nostalgic: the Basel puppet theatre

maintains The Basel puppet theatre on Cathedral square, the rare art of puppet theatre since 1943. Since the mid – ‘ 50s it is vaulted in the pretty cellar next to Basel’s famous Church housed. An annual Highlight is the performance of the Christmas story, “triptych”.

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