Christmas is approaching inexorably. Time to decorate the house or apartment. VIEW shows what is trending this season.


Instead of the rich colors you set in 2018 on the attention to Detail – for example, in the case of a carefully-made crib. Everything, therefore, “less noisy,” says Niels Humpert, Head of Style, home & household in globe. Thus, the demand for traditional decoration with Nativity scenes, and the heart had increased greatly. The Motto: “The more traditional and higher quality, the better.”

cool colors

in addition to the classic Christmas colours such as Red, Green, Gold and White, especially cool tones such as silver, purple, but also shades such as brown and Bordeaux are in demand this year. The new colours are king this year, blue and Pink.

Christmas fairy tales

This season it is playful, especially, and a fairy tale. “It’s not only balls, but also further elements are required,” explains Cristina Maurer, media spokesperson at the supermarket. Decoration elements with woodland animals such as deer, bears and squirrels are particularly in demand. The Christmas tree ornaments classic balls to sell at the best.

Winter light figures

For the outer area of the electric light is an important part of the Christmas decoration. “This year, it can be a bit playful,” says Humpert. “Large light characters like reindeer with sleigh, Santas, snow men, or the forest animals are bought very frequently,” explains Alena Kress, media spokesperson of the Coop.

Only a few days left until Christmas! We have put together a small crash course about the topic of table covering, and wine.