Multimedia is The start of spring, many people see it as a hit, for the purchase of a new washing machine. The fall/winter cleaning of the city must be doing something to do with it. A new machine must, of course, less than a few years, so the thought of buying is, first and foremost, in that order.Led.besomt the best washing machines for you to play on. LG F4WV909P2 (€ 870)

the Washing machines are typically a product segment where quite a lot of innovation, even though the consumer is well aware of this. The fact that we only have to X the number of years for a new washing machine to buy, explain, and, of course, a lot of. DezeLG F4WV909P2van, and LG Electronics, have a special turboprogramma – Turbowash in 360 was baptized – that was the 5 pounds of clothes in less than 40 minutes to wash it. There is also a good example of artificial intelligence on the basis of 20 000 pre-loaded with ‘waservaringen’, allows the device to quickly assess what the program is and temperature for your laundry needs, purely on the basis of the substance, weight, and so on. There is also a performance-enhancing steam technology that deactivates allergens and kills and wrinkles is reduced, and the machine via the wi-fi connection and a mobile app.Click here to view the LG F4WV909P2.

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