ever Wanted to know a bit more about various snoring types? Or, the history of emotional breakups better? After the visit to this quirky museums, you know – and much more!

toilet Museum, Delhi (India)

Now it is not considered a secret tip, is the international toilet Museum in Delhi. Here abortions from all over the world and all eras are on display. So whoever is interested in the development of the toilet, this is the Village on the right.

Museum of broken relationships, Zagreb (Croatia)

Sounds funny, but the Museum of broken relationships in Croatia’s capital Zagreb is convinced. Exhibited are pieces that were part of an emotional separation. The tour allows visitors to not only smile, of course, one discovers here also a lot of tragic stories.

snoring-Museum in Alfeld (D)

The Problem has occupied mankind for centuries. In the German-snoring-Museum in Alfeld, many of the apparatuses are exposed, to prevent the annoying noises of sleep. In addition, you will be told all about the various forms of snoring.

the Pasta Museum, Rome (I)

Where else could open a Museum about food, if not in Italy? In Rome, a unique Pasta Museum, where you can learn much about the types, forms and preparation of pasta. Connoisseur is definitely a Must-see.

Punk Museum, Reykjavík (Iceland)

In the Icelandic Punk Museum there is not only one owner with a Mohawk hair cut, but also music. Visitors report a great atmosphere. You learn unique about the development of the Punks in Iceland.

Cupnoodles-Museum, Osaka (Japan)

the Instant noodle soups are a popular meal. The Cupnoodles Museum is referred to therefore as a historic Monument of Japanese food culture. To discover the history of the development of Instant noodle soup to the extravagant packaging designs.

type-In-Island-Museum, Manila, (Philippines)

The Art In Island Museum is the ultimate photo backdrop. It contains around 50 art installations that fascinate our eyes with optical illusions. A fleeing elephant, or rather a walk on a shaky bridge? Here you can let your imagination run wild, and the word literally in the scene.

Museum of Ice Cream, Los Angeles (United States)

The Museum of Ice Cream in 2017 was opened in Los Angeles. Here are Social Media Junkies to feel at home, because the Ice cream offer the perfect photo Background. Whether a ice-cream swing, or ice cream cone lights, Instagram-Hotspot offers everything you need. You can even swim in one with plastic sprinkles-filled swimming pool.

Phallus or Penis Museum, Reykjavik (Iceland)

In the Icelandic phallological Museum, one can see more than 200 penises and penile parts from nearly all of the Land and sea mammals of the Island. The exhibition is very popular and has already won two awards from Tripadvisor.