8. 530 HP – Case IH 9120

The mower CNH Industrial has in the front of the caterpillars instead of wheels. For whose drive a 530 HP strong Cursor provides 13 engine, the Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT), among other things, Iveco has developed.

8. 530 HP – John Deere S690i

The IH 9120 to share the eighth place with the John Deere S690i. The harvesting machine with one of the big names of the fields on this world also has 530 horsepower under the green sheet.

7. 585 HP – Claas Lexion 770 Terra Trac

The Truck Mercedes Actros diesel engine with 585 HP Goods through the country. When you combine the German agricultural machinery manufacturer Claas on the same engine for kahle fields provides.

6. 591 HP – New Holland CR9090

Also a big Name such as New Holland should not be missing in this chart. With 591 HP, the yellow giant CR9090 from the USA still remains just below the 600-HP mark.

5. 625 HP – John Deere S790

The world of the agricultural machinery, is clear. Therefore, the first name appears for the second Time. The world market leader John Deere, with the 625-HP S790 is already his second combine in this hit parade.

4. 626 HP – Claas Lexion 780

Only 1 HP more the Claas Lexion 780, which we encounter already the second manufacturer for the second Time among the most powerful combine harvesters in the world. Also the Lexion 780 has a Mercedes-Actros-engine OM502 on Board. His 626 HP not mow the field, but also need to move up to 13.5 tons heavy grain tank.

3. 634 HP – Case IH Axial Flow 9240

The first place on the podium goes to the Case IH Axial Flow 9240. Here, too, CNH Industrial adopts a Iveco-developed engine. The 634 HP provides a Cursor engine, the 16-series.

2. 647 HP – Fendt IDEAL 9T

Yes, the agricultural machinery expert with the German brand Fendt already missing. However, the 647 horsepower IDEAL 9T manages to almost to the top, therefore, the well-known names in our list just a bit later. With 17’of 100 liters, it has one of the largest grain tanks, and can empty in just a Minute and twenty seconds!

1. 652 HP – New Holland CR10.90

the king of The grain-fields comes from the United States. New Holland presents its second model in this hit parade, the most powerful combine in the world. At 25 tonnes empty weight of the CR10 needs.90 of the 652 HP Cursor 16 engine as well. With the Threshing of 797,66 tonnes of wheat in eight hours, this model has set a world record.