The history of amusement parks in Europe, dates back to the 16. A century back. At that time, the Dyrehavsbakken in Copenhagen opened as the first theme Park of its goals. The “Bakken,” as the Danes call the Park, was created after the discovery of a natural source. Today there is the Park, which was opened as a nature Park, still. It is the home of the oldest wooden roller coaster.

Almost 450 years later, there are, according to the travel Agency travel circus in Europe, a total of 1012 leisure parks with tracks. Potential visitors will be spoilt for choice. But which theme Park is suitable for whom is the best? Travel circus has created a list of the best amusement parks on the continent. The ten best has compiled the VIEWS in a gallery (see above).

What first you notice is the hefty price differences. A family of four in Gardaland (I) close to the Swiss border, for almost 170 francs in the Park, the cost of admission to the Disneyland Paris salted 450 Swiss francs – and that’s without food. Also, the Parking goes quickly into the money. According to Park, the Parking alone costs about 30 francs. In the Top 10, not a single Park is represented that offers free Parking.

Not all amusement parks are children friendly

to provide For the Youngest in the family, the theme parks have surprisingly little. Therefore, the admission for children under a certain age in many Parks free of charge. But not all amusement parks are spacious, some of the price for three year old children. The nasty thing is: water -, and eight-tracks are often only a certain body size are available. This means that The Smallest are excluded from many attractions.

The understand a few customer-friendly Parks. In this amusement Park, children pay only a certain Size. Among the European Top 10, only two amusement parks, the calculate the price of admission to the floor. In the Gardaland, in Italy, children under one metre are free of charge, in the Swedish Liseberg, the young guests will be allowed in up to a Size of 110 inches, without having to pay admission.

Good news for Switzerland

Even if there is not a single Swiss Park is represented in the Top 10, it for Adventure Fans in this country reason to celebrate. The border, close to the Europa Park Rust (D) lands at number two – and it will be expanded massively. At a cost of around 150 million Swiss francs.

450’000 square meters around the theme of water will be built from the ground. Even a separate, three-part book series about the fictional story of the water world with the name of Rulantica. A themed hotel that comes in a Nordic style, with an integrated Museum of natural history (VIEW reported). The Hotel opens its doors in may. However, visitors are coming until the end of 2019. Then the first part of the extension opens its doors.

250 to 300 new jobs. Thus, the environment will also delight in the expansion, are measures for the nature protection have been taken. Thus, a bee pavilion, a amphibians include habitat and wildlife corridors to the plans. A fly in the ointment there is, however, The entry into the water world cost extra. Adults and children twelve years of age pay 40 Swiss francs.