The tour life is hard, but it also has its advantages. One of them is the so-called Tour-Rider. This is a document that holds a set of rules and regulations. The need to be met in order for the artist can occur. The Stars can ask anything – from expensive alcohol and Gourmet food to luxury furniture. Limits of the imagination only sets. “Radar Online” has carried out the most absurd desires of the Stars together.

Lady Gaga (34) wants a special Mannequin

Lady Gaga attaches great importance to the decoration of your wardrobe. To be held in the “Glam-Rock”style. On the walls are posters of their favorite artists such as David Bowie (1947-2016), Queen, Elton John (73) and Billie Holiday (1915-1959) to hang. But her most special wish is another. The singer needs a mannequin with fluffy pink pubic hair. The purpose of this is not known.

Justin Bieber (26) to the meals as his Hits hot

Justin Bieber was in 2017, during his Tour of four days in India. He should have demanded so much. So he wanted a private jet, among other things, a hot tub, a Rolls Royce, a helicopter and an Indian Yoga casket, which contains essential Oils. But that’s not enough, the singer wished to appoint a private chef who prepared meals after his Hits. What should be just for meals, not he.

Cher (73) is in need of space for their wigs

“What Cher wants, she gets,” says 2019 is a source to “The Sun”. So you should not have spared even a Trinkeis-to-order machine and a milk chocolate fountain. In addition, you also asked for a whole room, just to your wig collection to accommodate. Surprising this is not. The Pop icon is well-known wig lover, and switches the head of Hair like several times during their Shows.

Anyone else except for ordinary receivables, see you in the gallery. (bsn)