In an ordinary Hotel, it is soon pretty boring. If you are looking for an accommodation of a special kind, to supply the following restaurants for Inspiration.

1. EMC2 in Chicago (United States)

The Hotel EMC2 makes the name of a Einstein formula all the glory. It is designed according to the topics of science and art. In the entrance hall of the technical devices, which are not only beautiful decoration, but the visitors also have the brains to animate slopes louder.

The Hotel does not come from the time in which Einstein found out that mass and energy are equivalent. It is ultra-modern, the stylishly furnished rooms are all equipped with the Alexa, and the room service is handled by the two robots, Leo and Cleo.

2. Red Caboose Motel in Ronks (United States)

This exceptional Hotel in the US state of Pennsylvania is perfect for enthusiasts for all the train. The reception is located in a nondescript house in the Western style. You will be led to a real train car that was converted into a cozy room. The dining room is also housed in an old wagon, and exudes the charm of an old night train.

3. Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens in Lyrestad (Sweden)

This property looks at first glance not spectacular, the reception building even makes a rather drab impression. But the real treasure is hidden in the forest behind it. There are two types of rooms, from which you can choose: a giant mushroom or tree trunk. Both were carved by artist Sören Niklasson. A step in the pretty accommodations and you will feel in the Childhood back – to adventure in a real miniature world.

4. Tulou Fuyulou Changdi Inn Longyan (China)

anyone Who is interested in China history, is right here. The Hotel, also the home of the earth, is a historical building. It is typical for the Region and was built by the Hakka, a han Chinese ethnic group–. The Idyll is disrupted sometimes by larger groups of tourists, but the age-old architecture and lush nature around are reason enough to go.

5. La Balade des Gnomes in Heyd (Belgium)

This Hotel is truly an experience. Each room is inspired by a fairy tale and enchanted in its own way. The Name La Balade des Gnomes (the walk of Gnomes) so it fits perfectly.

6. STF Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge in Skinnskatteberg (Sweden)

Who luxury vacation wants, is here at the wrong address. In the STF Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge you will stay in cozy little cabins in the woods. There is neither a shower nor a kitchen in the room, but a fireplace and cozy Seating. The property offers the ultimate nature experience.

What there is to find in Skinnskatteberg but more than enough, is rest. If you need a break from the stresses of everyday life, then this Hotel is perfect for you.

7. Levin Levi igloos Golden Crown in Kittilä (Finland)

imagine you are lying comfortably in bed with a hot Cup of tea and the North of admire the lights from the warmth. This sounds like a dream? It doesn’t have to stay but. Because in Finland there is the Hotel Levin Levi igloos Golden Crown. As the Name suggests, live in igloos – these are made of glass. The views of the beautiful landscape and the sky, nothing stands in the way.

8. Sun Cruise Resort in Gangneung (South Korea)

This Hotel is like cruises for all travelers, with the cross, but not on the water. Sounds like a contradiction in terms? South Korea makes it possible! For the guests everything is provided, which belongs to a cruise: sea view, Shopping and even a rotating Bar. The only difference is that The ship never.