If you want to lose weight, you should burn more calories than you eat. Sweating, but also Freeze to help with weight loss allegedly. Is that really true?

sweating means calories burn?

The assumption is correct in view of the increased Burning of calories during intense Training. Basically, people who sweat frequently, don’t burn, but, unfortunately, not necessarily more calories. How much you sweat depends on weight, Fitness, age or the environment. Since you lose when you sweat but water, you can still lose weight.

More calories in the cold?

Only if you have to shiver, to be consumed in the cold more calories. You wear good clothes and keeps you warm, helps to Train outside, nothing.

note: to force Yourself deliberately to calories-Tremors, can be dangerous, because you could catch a cold or frostbite.

, your body Burns after the workout is still calories?

After a visit to the fitness Studio, the body consumes energy in order to recover. He burns a lot of calories, it’s called the afterburn effect. Longer than 24 hours, this does not take however.

in Addition, the after-burn effect in connection with the Workout: it Goes to its limits, so only few calories will be burned, and the effect is not really visible.

With an empty stomach to more calories consumption?

How many calories you burn has nothing to do with whether the stomach is full or empty. The stomach is empty, the body falls back simply on the calories, fat reserves. For weight loss counts, however, is how many calories total burned, not where they come from.

Be burned at the races more calories than when walking?

This assumption is correct. During the race, about 30 percent more calories are burned, as if one were to go the same route. Between running fast and slow Jogging, there is a pretty noticeable difference, for you, your excess calories will thank.