In everyday life we often Stress: room for a well-balanced diet remains as little. Also the time for meals usually short. The result of quick food and little variety on the plate. For shopping, we hasten to the work with a growling stomach, what is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Then you will automatically put in calories-containing foods, not just Lust, but not necessarily healthy. The mind will no longer function 100 percent. You have the following eleven food always in stock, you are on the healthy side. Here you must strike without having a bad Conscience at any time. En Guete!


Easy legumes are not cooked, but especially for vegetarians and Vegans, they are a suitable Alternative to meat. They are substances a supplier of vegetable Protein and fiber, to keep for a long time tired of and prevent Diabetes. They also contain digestion-promoting ingredients. So you always have a can of lentils, Corn or beans in the pantry. Whether in a salad, in Wraps or soups – legumes to pimp up any meal.


Although oats are not necessarily low in calories – 100 grams of approximately 370 calories – helps grain with weight loss. How is that possible? You keep thanks to the long-chain carbohydrates in the blood sugar level at a constant Level. This means that not a quick energy boost is prevalent, but oats provide the body with long-term energy. So you remain full longer. Also of important proteins and fiber as well as vitamins and minerals are contained in oatmeal. Particularly suitable is the maiden for Breakfast in the Form of Porridge, muesli or banana bread.

Frozen berries

no Matter whether frozen or fresh, berries of all kinds are rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are extremely low in calories. They are particularly well suited as a Topping for your cereals, yogurts or as an ingredient in the Smoothie. The advantage of the frozen variant, you can year-round camps, berries and always have on stock. Highly recommended blueberries, which have a small Beauty effect are: The dark blue fruit contains antioxidants, which cells from free Radicals and protect against skin aging.

Dried tomatoes

tomatoes are especially due to a substance healthy: they contain lycopene, which is for the red color of the tomatoes. Lycopene can color more than just. It has vessels to have a positive influence on your blood and the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer or heart disease to shrink. Only through the preparation of the lycopene is released, why processed tomatoes are even healthier than fresh. You therefore always have a glass of sun-dried tomatoes, tomato sauce or juice at home.


100 grams of potatoes, about 70 calories. The prejudice that the potato is fattening, that’s not true. Because what not is many aware of: First, the preparation of potatoes will be greasy. In the Form of fries, hash Browns or salad unwanted calories hide. Tip: slice the potatoes and bake in the oven, with olive oil and spices to taste. Ready for a healthy, low-calorie meal.


eggs contain many substances that are important for a healthy body. Particularly the yolk is rich in vital nutrients, including choline hiding in there. This should reduce the risk of breast cancer. Other substances contained: Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin A. the Latter has a positive effect on your eyes. Eggs are true vitamin bombs are so, they also contain a lot of Protein.


even Though 100 grams of Quinoa contain as many calories as the same amount of Pasta or rice, the Inca Superfood for losing weight very popular. Only around five grams of fat-the so-called “rice of the Incas”, where they have to provide a large proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. To this end, the healthy Omega-3 fatty acid, which, among other things, an anti-inflammatory. Quinoa is a substances in addition, a real protein bomb, and rich in fiber, why the cereal is also long enough. 14 percent Protein for every 100 grams!

Green tea

A positive effect of green tea: It is a Wake-up call! While not as strong as caffeine, but the hot drink will Wake you up. In addition, green tea has catechins antioxidant, which means that free radicals are prevented from damaging your DNA. In addition, the metabolism is boosted helps what is in weight loss.


students are not put in vain to nuts as Snacks: always Have walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds in the cupboard. They help fight inflammation, contain important fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Simply as an ingredient to muesli or Smoothie, on a salad, as a Topping or add as a Snack to enjoy. Nuts are durable and can therefore be stored over a long time.

whole grain bread

With the bread, it is not always quite so easy: You bought a lot of – and again, it is too hard. This bread is also suitable for Freezing. Just don’t forget to take the desired amount out of the freezer and thaw. Also crisp bread can be a good and healthy choice. One uses here also for the whole-grain version, then it is no longer enough.

root Ginger

ginger is a true all-rounder: He can act in hot water as a tea or grated, to Taste in rice dishes or soups. In addition, it is good for health, because it boosts the blood circulation and the metabolism. Positive effects on the body, he has even more: ginger the regulates blood pressure and acts against Nausea.