A thunderstorm with heavy rain and strong wind gusts are expected in Moscow until 22:00, reports the Moscow Department of the emergency situations Ministry.

It is expected that wind speed will reach 17 meters per second. In this regard, the MOE advised drivers to observe speed limits and distance. In addition, cars should be parked away from trees and poorly fortified structures.

Also, MOE advised the public to shelter in permanent buildings, and to avoid trees, billboards and shaky structures.

July 3 in the capital region will come a storm front with heavy gusts of wind. In this regard, in Moscow and the Moscow region declared a yellow level weather risk.

As for the weather in the capital region this weekend, the air temperature, according to weather forecasts, will rise to plus 28 degrees. On the night of July 4, possible intense rain.

According to experts of the center weather "Phobos" in July the temperature will be above normal by 1-2 degrees. It is expected that the temperatures will on average stay on the performance of 23-28 degrees Celsius. In addition, in July in the capital region will have about 70% of the monthly norm of precipitation (60 mm).