It was the celebrity event of the year: at the Beginning of August were Heidi Klum (46) and Tom Kaulitz (30) on a luxury the Yes-word yacht in front of Capri (IT). The guest list made especially for conversation. So about Klum’s father, Günther (74) was not at the wedding. And also one of Klum’s closest friends celebrated with: Thomas Gottschalk (69). During the RTL-Show “Because you don’t know what happened…” on Saturday evening, the presenter revealed the reason.

Klum is just not good to Gottschalk. Or as he puts it: “The offended.” The reason for this is a remark, which he gave in his role as a guest judge at this year’s “GNTM”Finale of be. “Because I had said something of children’s birthday …” more Accurately referred to Gottschalk said the consignment at the time, “kids carnival” – and the front of the camera. Later, he quipped in the “image”newspaper: “it was a colorful number for girls who dream to be a Model and features over half-naked guys with six-packs.” Klum was apparently not even funny, which is why the Moderator had to wait in vain for an invitation.

Kaulitz is for Gottschalk “this Tokio Hotel-boy”

But Gottschalk has not learned his lesson apparently. In an Interview with the “mirror” of shared he recently cheerful against the Model-mom. So, he called gone husband such as “this is the Tokio Hotel boys” or ranting and raving about the voice of the top models of the moment: “With me down there on my jury chair, nothing came on except the voice of Heidi Klum that you hear everywhere. Even without a microphone.” Whether Gottschalk is invited to the alleged second wedding celebration of Klum and Kaulitz in Germany, is doubtful. (klm)