Esty (short for Esther) grew up in Williamsburg, in the New York district of Brooklyn, as a devout Hasidic Jew. The rules in this splinter grouping of Judaism are strictly on the needs of women is not discussed really. But Esty puts their Faith and Religion is increasingly in question – and, finally, it breaks.

“Unorthodox”: this is what it Tells is

Esther’s life in the past and the present. “Unorthodox” shows, like the New Yorker in a strict religious household by her grandparents is brought up, as you must strictly adhere to the rules of the Hasidic community of faith and as a husband for you, she has to marry. Estys life in Williamsburg is dominated by rules and restrictions. But one day, she decides, her husband and their small son in favor of their freedom to leave.


Esther flees to Berlin in search of her mother, the faith community and the family returned to the back, as Esty was a child. In Germany, the American quickly found new friends among peers from a Multi-cultural orchestra and enjoy together with your new friends for the first Time, real freedom.

It is only a matter of time until Estys man Yakov and his Cousin make Fashion in search of the Renegade. That Fashion is only superficially the purified believers, it turns out on your search for Esther very quickly. But how Estys will run out of story? Can you continue to live in freedom, and you will find your personal peace?

“Unorthodox”: Who’s playing?

Shira Haas plays Esther Shapiro, the undisputed heroine in “Unorthodox”. She plays a young woman who escapes from an antiquated environment with fixed rules in our liberal everyday. As she takes off her wig, she is wearing religion due, to begin her new life. Amit Rahav Esther’s husband, Yakov Shapiro, of the asks sometimes his Faith behind is not playing, but nowhere near as much as Esther.

Moishe Lefkovitch is embodied by Jeff Wilbur (“Bad Banks”), Dina Doron is playing Esther’s grandmother, her only real person of trust – which represents the Religion, but also about the Welfare of your granddaughter.

directed by Maria Schrader (“Germany 83”, “86”), Anna Winger (“Germany 83”, “86”) acted as show runner. Was shot in New York and Berlin.


“Unorthodox”: The makes the series so special

so Much in advance: by the Way, that it is not “Unorthodox” look! For that reason alone, because the dialogues of the Hasidim are to each other in Yiddish so you have to read subtitles. In Yiddish, there is an approximately thousand-year-old language that was spoken by Ashkenazi Jews in Europe and widely used, is still today the primary language of some ultra-Orthodox Jews, among other things, the satmarischen Jews, to which Esther belongs.

The story of Esther is a fiction, but a true story it is based on: Deborah Feldman caught with her book “Unorthodox”, on which the Mini-series is based, caused a stir. It tells not just any story but their own: How she managed to leave the Hasidic community in Williamsburg behind. How you books of worldly authors had to hide, like you for years on music had to do without, as they serve the fixed set of rules of the religious sect subordinate to her husband and still be yourself always in the Background, had to make.

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Deborah Feldman was not now lives with her son in Berlin, however, she fled from Williamsburg to Germany – but only the legal custody and your freedom to ride in a very legal way. After the publication of her book, Feldman regularly received death threats.

“Unorthodox”: Hasidism

“Unorthodox” is a glimpse into a world that exists in Brooklyn as a parallel universe located in New York: Esther lives in the Hasidic sub-grouping of the Satmarer Jews. The Hasidism were wiped out by the Holocaust, almost completely, was able to reorganize itself, however, in Brooklyn, Israel, Montreal, Vienna, London, and Antwerp again. The Hasidim remind one of the Jewish holidays and on the Sabbath, often at the divine trials, which had to face the religious community – including the six million victims of the Holocaust should be compensated for by Neugeburten within the religious community. Hasidic Jews believe that assimilation can lead to another company only to extinction and therefore prefer to use the contact within your community of faith.

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Hasidic Jews are supporters of a strict Patriarchy in the largest and most important task of the women is the birth of children.

“Unorthodox”: Where can you see the series?

The four episodes of “Unorthodox” from the 26. March 2020 at Netflix.

“Unorthodox”: Therefore you should see the series

Rarely viewers the insight into the Hasidic community of faith. For that reason alone, Unorthodox is worth “”. You should then want to know more about this Religion, we recommend you the documentary “One of Us” (also on Netflix).

It is exciting and motivating to see how a young woman for your own happiness in life is fighting, and every great obstacle in purchase takes. “Unorthodox” is the image of a young woman is having problems is because of their faith, and their rejection of our liberal-Western world, in front of a pile of and simply does not give up. She is an active advocate for the fulfillment of your dreams, even if it is not at all easy. Esther in “Unorthodox” is a source of inspiration for all who would sometimes meißen everything hinsch make, but simply more – because it’s worth it.

This article is published was written by (Ursula Smith)

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