“In the tobacco smoke are more than 4,000 substances, which are for the most part toxic and partly carcinogenic”, explains Claudia Künzli (56) in conversation with a VIEW. The 56-Year-old head of the health promotion and prevention in the lung League of Switzerland, a Swiss Organisation that promotes Smoking, among other things, for the protection against passive. “The tobacco smoke is so harmful, whether inhaled actively or passively.” The difference is, according to Künzli in concentration, even if there is no threshold below which secondhand smoke was not harmful.

As is the case with active smokers may experience various health risks even for passive smokers. According to Künzli passive lung cancer, heart disease, Smoking can cause diseases and Asthma. It also favors the emergence of a respiratory infection. It is very important to protect yourself from passive Smoking. “This means that places where can be smoked, should be avoided. The passive smoke in places where Smoking is not allowed, it must be consistently adhered to,” says Künzli.

the success of The passive-smoke protection

Since the collection of the Federal law on the protection from passive Smoking in 2008, the share of the population that is exposed to per day at least one hour of passive Smoking fell from 16 percent to six percent. “The passive smoke protection is, in particular, in the case of children and young people is important because their lungs are not yet fully Mature, and therefore react particularly sensitive to secondhand smoke,” says Künzli. According to the Federal office for statistics, the age group is between 15 and 24 years of passive Smoking, however, the most exposed.

Künzli explains: “people should go to in case of complaints to a doctor. Unfortunately, many go to the doctor if you are already suffering from acute or chronic respiratory or cardiovascular disease.”

600’000 people die each year as a result of passive Smoking

Also, according to many studies, Smoking is passive is a significant health risk. In November 2010, a study of the world was published in health organization WHO, which States that, worldwide, annually 600’000 people die from Smoking in the consequences of passive.

But not all will be moved by such statistics, in fear. Many find that there is no study on Smoking the effect of passive in our lungs accurately enough explaining. In truth, the tobacco smoke are difficult of other pollutants, such as asbestos, and cancer as well as cardiovascular diseases can be attributed to a variety of reasons.