the Duchess Meghan (38) and Prince Harry (35) in the duration of criticism. You preach to the fight against global warming and flying in a private jet, complaining on TV about her hard life as a Royal, and to have with Duchess Kate (37) and Prince William (37) to each other. The consequence: According to a survey by the British newspaper “Sunday Express” want to 36 per cent of the 2000 respondents to the British, that Meghan and Harry give up their Royal title. Especially the Duchess is repeatedly exposed to negative headlines. But why Meghan is the British are so unpopular?

armed with Kate is not well

The Duchess committed in the past, several errors, which have an impact on their popularity. Such as “Bunte” writes that about hurt Meghans alleged altercation with the Duchess, Kate, your Reputation. You should have your sister-in-law, which is regarded as the flagship of the Royal and the British, well received by customers, as a mentor to throw instead of with her. Meghan is not, in General, the advice of the Royal advisers, and rebelled against the strict Protocol.

Meghan is shown to be close to the people

The Duchess also on closeness to the people. “I’m one of you,” she said in a speech on her visit to Africa last September to the public. Instead of going to the court Protocol prescribed distance, hugging you guys for the Welcome. For Royals this proximity is a No-Go: According to “Colorful”, it was whining as the Royal fatal, to represent his views radically, to or with the subjects on an equal footing.

The Problem: A Royal must stand out from the normal citizens and the interests of all, otherwise the people do not need monarchy. This philosophy Meghan doesn’t represent, however. That Meghan admitted in the TV documentary “Meghan and Harry: an African Journey” to suffer under the pressure of the Public and “not okay”, was construed by critics as Whining on a high level.

zofft with the British press

The dispute with the British press is detrimental to Meghan and Harry, in addition. The Couple sued the newspaper “Daily Mail”, because they printed a private letter from Meghans father, Thomas Markle (75). Because the British press reported hardly any positive about Meghan and Harry, feeds the Duchess, according to “Colorful”, the US press with information. Thus, CNN quoted a Familiar from the environment of the pair, the said that the two had “modernized the monarchy alone”. (kad)