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People dancing. Toalettruller as it trikses with. People who hold concerts.

In an otherwise unsociable life do people try to socialize themselves. And it over the internet.

recent days and weeks, one trend after the other occurred.

Some of the first “viral” clips that arose during the koronakrisen was klappingen in Italy. They showed support to the health workers who stood on day and night during the pandemic.

This trend also came to Norway, and it, along with a whole bunch of other trends.

PAT: For nearly one week since got the health care professional is a celebration of people around the country. Klappingen has occurred several times after this. You need javascript to see the video.

PAT: For nearly one week since got the health care provider is a celebration of people around the country. Klappingen has occurred several times after this.

the Trends that we will now have browse through on various social media may have a positive effect, believe psykologspesialist.

We have a need for a break from the worry or turmoil, many people know of now. When we choose love activities that provide security, hope, and joy. It is very good, ” says Margrethe Bals Vie, psykologspesialist in Kautokeino municipality.

PSYKOLOGSPESIALIST: Margrethe Bals Vie believe it is important to unwind from all the news about the koronaviruset to get a retreat.

Photo: Screenshot / NRK Process the feelings the yoik

And the activities and challenges, there are almost endless possibilities of social media.

There are several trends that transcends borders and get millions of plays. Some are of slightly smaller format.

One of these smaller formats are joiking. Lulesamen Martin Rimpi came on a separate koronajoik while he looked at the kitchen table, and came with on the latest news.

to find safety in an otherwise uncertain and insecure life, he tried to obtain a common feeling among the sámi spread across the North.

– It helps me process the feelings I have inside of me, ” says Rimpi.

YOIKS: Martin Rimpi has made a joik about koronaviruset that he has shared on social media.


Several have also followed suit. Ola Stinnerbom, who among other things has won the Sami Grand Prix, publishes what he calls the “Power Yoik Sessions” each day.

See: Stinnerboms powerful joik against the virus

Hello and welcome to my Quarantine Studio Sàpmi and my daily Power Yoik Session. This is my second yoik today a POWER YOIK FOR LIFE. 20.03.26

Published by Ola Stinnerbom Thursday 26. march 2020

Dance to heal the earth

the Indigenous peoples in North America and Canada has once again resorted to the ancient tradition of “jingle dance” in an attempt to heal the earth.

Here are the young girls and women dancing in their traditional clothes. They are embellished with metallkjegler that clink as they hit each other.

At sunset over the Atlantic, the dancer, among other 11-year-old Shyla Tootoosis out on the grasslands of Saskatchewan, which is located on the hinterland in Canada, to heal the world against the virus.

When I was growing up I was always taught to pray for each other, and it was a true honor to pray for the world, ” says Tootoosis to CBC News.

See: This is among the “jingle dance” as the triumphant progress of on the net

Aurora dancing this evening two, pray for a world wide healing from COVID-19 *I do not own any rights to this song*

Published by Keith Oneill Wednesday 18. march 2020

– Feel the support and solidarity

online newspapers and other news networks scooped down of koronanyheter.

For those who want to unplug from the news, social media and your own profiles, partial retreat. When we have the hard tyre we to dance, music, and humor, explains the Vie.

All of this, we need to feel support and solidarity. It makes you maybe not feel so alone, and you are in a better mood.

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