the Chemist Steve Pearce has created a perfume with a cosmic flavor under a contract with NASA, according to “My planet”.

Fancy fragrance was developed to solve the remaining problems associated with addictive astronauts to outer space. It is expected that spirits will also be available in the free market.

It is known that during the creation of perfume compositions, pierce relied on the submission of the astronauts about the smell of space. The description is “a mixture of the smell of gunpowder seared steak, raspberries and rum.” And astronaut Peggy Whitson said it was “the smell mixed with smoke and fumes”.

The fragrance was called Eau de Space. To enter the market, the company is raising funds through crowdfunding. The creators of the perfume I think that it will increase people’s interest in engineering, technology and exact Sciences such as mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry. It is also planned to create a perfume with the scent of the moon.

It was earlier established that people are able to smell “in stereo”.