That follows much attention with what it means to be Nicklas There gf.

It can Philine Roepstorff, in each case, write on, for as the pair in 2018 was on vacation in Mexico, tagged she on your own body, how all sorts of paparazzofotografer still keeping a watchful eye on the Danish football star.

“We were at a hotel where you must be naked when taking the sun, and I only had panties on. Suddenly someone comes and tells that there has been a paparazzofotograf and taken pictures of us throughout the day,” says the 27-year-old modelkæreste in the fourth section of the series ‘Bendtner and Philine’, which can be seen on Dplay.

It did not Nicklas Bendtner in the slightest, but Philine Roepstorff would not find themselves in it, so she took the matter into their own hands.

“On the way up the cliff, where paparazzofotografen had lain, he saw me, and then rush he to package together. I ask him nicely, if he does not want to delete the pictures, but he would not,” she explains.

She saw therefore no other option than to take the camera from the mexican man, and therefore ended up she in the fight with paparazzofotografen.

“I’m hanging out over the cliff, while I hold firmly in my bag, and I yell for Karly to get help,” fortælller Philine Roepstorff.

Bendtner came then continuously, but the Danish striker found himself at the time in a situation, where the infamous taxi-case was on its peak at home in Denmark, so that he would not embroil themselves in more trouble.

“I didn’t want to create more interest about my person, so the conflict with paparazzofotografen should be kept to a minimum,” explains the 32-year-old footballer, who at the time had to serve a jail sentence of 50 days with fodlænke of violence against a taxi.

Philine Roepstorff ends, however, even with that clear themselves out of the problems, when she finally gets she wrung the camera out of the hand of the mexican man, who then flees from the place.

Paparazzofotografen ended up being sentenced to six months in prison in his home country, says the Danish model in the section.

Nicklas Bendtner is right now without a contract, which he has been since december, where, he had, with FC Copenhagen, was not extended.