Lena Lenina is shocked by the story of the movie about the American mansion, Elena Malysheva.

“the World is either stuffed in quarantine, or missed from idleness, but definitely crazy! Another investigation on the theme “the rich Have houses.” Amazingly, and most importantly, relevant. Who’s next? “Olga Buzova is flat”? “Philip buys a lot of shoes”?”, – quoted socialite portal

Lenin does not understand – what is she supposed to do upon learning that Malysheva has a house? Dr. Phil – entrepreneur, his business, and not one she had for a long time – why she did not buy what she wants?

“Political opponents over? Or in our country have no one else to blame? We ended officials stealing billions? Killers or pedophiles?”, – outraged Elena Lenina.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Lena Lenina known as a socialite who loves to shock the audience, and her thing are pompous hairstyles. As they say every woman has something special and “azumino”.