“Today, the demand for the emergence of new parties is very significant. Moreover, this party should be in opposition. Here Zakhar Prilepin, than he is from the “United Russia” different? It is not clear. So, according to polls, the public opinion Foundation, for example, where the question is “who you want to vote” and lists the main party, 15% gaining the line “for another party”. You know, all of these parties are not necessary, therefore, for another party, – such opinion on the question of the current political agenda was expressed by Sergey Zhavoronkov, a senior expert at the economic policy Institute named Gaidar, member of the Board of the Foundation “Liberal mission”.

About the distributed political forces expressed Davydov. Index.

“There are dinosaurs domestic politics (big and invincible EP, eternal CPRF and the LDPR), there are a number of “shits” type Titov, who now sees the policy more of a business. There’s a new, young party, the type of tanks and prilepina”.

In their background according to Davydov.Index separately, is the party of “New men”, “Nechayev revived the political agenda of the regions quite actively, while many other parties were slowly thinking what will be bargained for portfolios”.

– Neutral and moderately protest electorate can perfectly meet your request to update the voting in September for the “New people” that make an emphasis on the regional agenda. The people in the regions concerned primarily with local issues, the old parties often forget about it, – says Davydov.Index.

that Nechaev I detected a “popular request” I agree and larks.

“the society has a request for those theses that Nechaev declares: the transfer of taxes to the regions, decentralization of the country and reducing taxes. I mean, Yes, I agree that one of the main criticisms, which is always brought against the opposition – this is what you talkers, you have achieved nothing, you do not get one. In this case, about Nechayev’s impossible to say. Man has created business, not the commodity, nor by privatizing some. So, he is not to say that he’s a talker, which life does not know.”

lark believes that the party can make a “good electoral basis which will enable it to lay claim to overcome the 5%”.

Your opinion of the party was expressed by the political scientist Abbas Gallyamov. He believes that the party looks for potential voter attractive. “The declared orientation on urban youth and the commitment of right-wing liberal ideology – it’s still decent stuff,” – said the expert.

Gallyamov noted an increasing number of citizens who can not decide for whom to vote in elections, and expected updates: “Orphan voters are now many, and theoretically anyone of them can go for systemic liberals”. Moreover, according to egabout opinion, liberal ideas can support and in protest electorate “simply on the basis of “so good boots, we must take.”

According to Zhavoronkova Nechayev, as the founder of the party, the image of the brand consistent with what the voter wants. “There is a demand for this combination: you were the opposition, but not crazy, not a talker, had something to show, then, was accomplished man. Nechaev meets these parameters, although well, obviously a lot depends on how will be the election campaign and guarantees can not be here”.