President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, assessing the situation in the country, said that some people are trying to unravel the situation before the election.

there Is a quiet loosening of the situation. If we hadn’t sobered some, today, would have raged and Soligorsk. It all starts gradually. Well, if someone is Russian or Pro-Belorussian sits in a chair, then all right already with this independence. Through the Maidan — riots, red tape until the appeal to a foreign country. You exclude it? And I’m not. I have to think to the maximum, because you don’t know what action they will take, — said the head of state during a meeting with activists of Minsk oblast in Soligorsk.

According to him, he worried about the country, so taking preventive measures. He claims that disgruntled citizens want to return to the 1994 Constitution. It is surprising.

All the people spread: strike coupons. You want to go back there? Go back without me. But don’t let to return to that from which we left, — said the politician.

Presidential elections in Belarus will be held on 9 August. The current leader of the country would participate in them, running for the sixth time in a row (the limit on the number of terms was removed from the Constitution in the referendum of 2004).

The main rival of Lukashenka in the upcoming elections Victor Babariko detained on June 18 and put in jail. On 20 June the policy was charged in the case of Belgazprombank. A few hours before members of his campaign staff submitted to the CEC documents for registration of Babariko the candidate in presidents of Belarus. He is the only one among the opposition candidates gathered the necessary registration 283 thousand signatures. Moreover, the headquarters of the candidate declared receiving votes of support from 435 thousand Belarusians — about 5% of the population.

Babariko more than 20 years as head of the BGB (at 49,818% of its shares belong to the Russian “Gazprom” and Gazprombank). He retired from the credit institution on the eve of elections. Detectives believe that for Babariko stood some “Russian puppeteers”, resulting in more than $430 million was illegally withdrawn from the account of BGB in the Bank of Latvia for several years.

The detention alternative candidate for the presidency sparked a wave of protests across the country. Four days of demonstrations, security forces detained more than 360 people. Against this backdrop, Lukashenka said that the authorities managed to thwart the plan of destabilizing the situation in the country ahead of the elections. The Belarusian President stressed that “the puppeteers were ripped off the mask,” but did not specify who exactly has in mind, wrote