There is a new video of clash of bus and locomotive in Tver

the Network published the footage from the cameras installed in the bus which had an accident in Tver. As previously reported, the incident occurred on the morning of Friday, March 6, on the street Karbysheva.

the Driver of a Shuttle vehicle not to share the road with the locomotive engineer and the last crashed into the bus in the Board.

the footage shows that the bus stopped on the tracks due to traffic and the driver hesitated with the beginning of the movement, when there was formed a free space.

the Delay can partly be explained by the appearance of men, left on the roadway. Apparently, a pedestrian accompanied the locomotive and was intended to “translate” it across the road.

fortunately, the accident no one was hurt.

law enforcement officials have to understand the circumstances of the accident and to determine the degree of fault of its participants.