One dead man every 16 minutes. That was the heavy toll of corona virus in Madrid, at the beginning of the week. In the meantime, four days later, the situation will only become heavier. With 498 deaths, and nearly 7,000 people, the infection is in the capital particularly hard-hit. However, the countries at the Brussels Airport, more every day flights from Madrid, spain, and the passengers will be specially screened on arrival. Is that still appropriate?

One infection per one thousand inhabitants, which is 6.777, in the aggregate, and 498 dead. That was, until recently, the role of the new corona virus in the city. The city has nearly two-thirds of Spanish life that is, the virus has already been taken (as of this afternoon, 1.002).

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Spain is, after all, it is the second most affected country in Europe, but it is heading with the current figures may be even bigger balance, than in Italy. The country is trying to be a complete lockdown of that scenario is to be avoided. Prime minister Pedro Sánchezwaarschuwde are in the country on Wednesday, however, that “the worst is yet to come”.

ever Since the declaration of a state of emergency Saturday, the approximately 46 million people, only leaving the house for essential things, like work and buy groceries. The first results in the figures are only expected next week, and it is possible that the heavy-duty lock with a few weeks longer.