The Swan found dead on the Patriarchal ponds of local residents, died of natural causes, said the correspondent of the edition “Rise” in a press-service of the MIA. Law enforcement officers made this conclusion on the basis of the considered records with surveillance cameras.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, in social networks there were photos of a dead Swan, which was discovered on the banks of the Patriarchal ponds. Local residents said that the bird was killed because the carcass was discovered a deep wound. The Network also published an appeal in which people require from the police to increase patrolling of the coastal zone, and from the unknown responsible for the death of a Swan, never to appear on the Patriarch.

“there are No words! Rascals! Leave our pond in our neighborhood and never come back!” – the statement says.

At Patriarch’s ponds brutally took the life of a Swan

Reporters contacted representatives of the Moscow police. Law enforcement officers went to the scene of the discovery of the dead birds, but of signs of a crime have not found. According to them, the CCTV footage can be seen as a Swan, died of natural causes.

“There’s a Swan, he fed he came out and well… died. Staff left in the course, but no murder or cruel treatment of animals is not there”, – quotes the edition of words of the representative of law enforcement bodies.


The source media has stipulated that evidence of a crime is not discovered yet, since preliminary examination continues.