In the treatment of colds, many resort to various medications, including antibiotics, but they should be used only if there are clear indications. Frequent fluid intake will help speed up the treatment process.

– During the infectious process, a person’s temperature rises, in connection with which a large amount of fluid evaporates from the body, a small degree of dehydration occurs, plus microbial and viral cells, destroyed in the body under the influence of immunity, secrete pyrogens – substances that cause an increase in body temperature, lead to intoxication. And if we take a liquid, it speeds up the treatment process,” he said Candidate of Medical Sciences Azizkhon Askarov.

The therapist advises drinking ordinary water, not cold, but not hot, as well as tea with lemon. The most effective remedy is compote or rose hip juice, as well as cranberries and lingonberries. These berries are rich in vitamin C.

In addition, attention should be paid to the amount of fluid: it should be increased in the diet to 3-4 liters during the illness. However, it should be remembered: if a person has problems with the kidneys, heart and blood vessels, then it is not necessary to increase the amount of fluid – the patient’s swelling and shortness of breath increase.