And here we are in the apartment of the veteran. In a conspicuous place five military orders of Ivan Z. Malyszko. June 24, 1945, he was carried to red square, the flag of the Karelian front. That day the gallant captain-artilleryman turned 24.

the Father did not like to remember the war, – says Vladimir Ivanovich. – The fact that he is a member of the Victory Parade, I found out by accident. Watched the movie “the Ambassador of the Soviet Union”, which has a fragment of this great celebration. Came home from school and said, “Dad, I saw you at the parade. You in boots and a helmet…” And only then the father told, what it was like.

From six in the morning the participants of the parade were already in the ranks. The rain poured as from a bucket. Though she heard the command, and the “box” of the Karelian front has entered the Red square. Ahead of the front commander, Marshal Meretskov.

behind him, I bear the standard, – recounts Vladimir Ivanovich father’s words. A special belt was a pocket where you insert the shaft. The standard velvet, very wet, very heavy. When I came to Red square, blowing a strong headwind. I feel that I can now overturn. Peripheral vision can see the mausoleum, where Stalin, Beria… In my head flashed: well, Magadan! But the drill we are well taught, I “cut a step” and have adequately carried the standard to the Cathedral of Vasily the blessed, and there is the Sergeant picked up.

In front calculation captain Ivan Malyshko took himself Marshal Meretskov. Rehearsed: the commander, chief of staff of the front, the standard-bearer. A month minted step in the camp near Moscow. Fortunately fed on the highest level. I remember how warmly welcomed we Muscovites: gave a cigarette, and a carton note: hi to the winners. After the March we were invited to a solemn dinner on behalf of the Murmansk regional Committee of the party. Toast for the Victory raised till morning.

a military path Ivan Malyshko did not think, after finishing high school he enrolled in the mining Institute. When called in the army, offered to enter the Moscow artillery school. Ivan agreed. And then the war began. In November 1941, when the Germans approached Moscow, an artillery regiment, formed from students, stood on the road next to the famous Panfilov division. 20-year-old Sergeant Ivan Malyshko was appointed assistant commander of the communications platoon. Not just under enemy fire in addition, the dashes pulled the wires from the front to the artillery positions, eliminated damage. Having received a Lieutenant’s “cubes”, Ivan Malyshko received and a new appointment – on the Volkhov front in the artillery reconnaissance. Participated in breaking the siege of Leningrad, fought bravely on the Karelian front.

After the Victory Parade by Ivan Malyshko appointed officer children at the Moscow artillery school, their parents died at the front. However, Ivan begged the troops and got none final word. He graduated from the Military Academy named after M. Frunze, served in the Brest fortress, in Grodno. And married a girl from the village Nadezhda Vasilchenko, during the war the Germans deported to Germany.

I really wanted to become a soldier, as a father, – says Vladimir Ivanovich. – It is not a coincidence, because I grew up in a military environment, our house in Grodno was in front of the headquarters of the army. Dad always supported me. But suddenly my sight fell. Had become a military physician, where the health requirements are not as high. Father insisted that I started from the bottom. So, after medical school, became chief medical officer in the famous regiment of the 120th guards division near Minsk. After graduating from the military medical Academy changed the seven garrisons across the Soviet Union and ended the service by the medical Director of the Belarusian army. But the fact that a military officer, I never forgot, great shot even from a pistol, even from a vending machine.

the Glorious dynasty Malyshko continues now the grandson of a participant in the Parade – Yuri. He, too, Colonel, a grandfather, and a military doctor, like his father. The colonels are looking forward to our Parade in Moscow in honor of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory. Especially that red square will host and honor guard of the defense Ministry of Belarus.

As the parade held in Minsk on 9 may, it will be a reminder of those who defended our common Homeland, convinced the officers Malyshko.

In parting, I asked Yuri Vladimirovich, whether to continue military dynasty, a dynasty of winners?

– I cannot imagine myself without an army, ‘ he replied. – Will think the same way my son? I would like to. But while he is only six months.

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