Their first saved Dr. Prodeusa pulled from the sunken tank

a pediatric immunologist, doctor of medical Sciences Professor Andrey Prodeusa ten years involved in the First channel show “Live healthy”. Andrei Petrovich is no stranger to the increased attention to his own person, he’s learned philosophically to treat this…

On a broken plastic

– what are the symptoms, doctor?

– Perhaps the only one in the day is clearly not enough hours. Do not have time for twenty-four to do much of what need and want. To tell the truth, more than anything, I love to be lazy, but in order to afford the luxury, you first take the time to redo a lot of important and urgent. Because I love what I do, sometimes you have to choose from your favorite businesses.

the Beauty is that none of the classes do not have time to get bored. I myself have so arranged life, it is almost no routine. For example, if the doctor day after day sitting in the reception of patients, after some time, he goes ballistic. With all due respect to the patients. The lecturer may get tired of frequent communication with students, a scientist from having to write research papers and, relatively speaking, fiddling with test tubes and Manager – participation in meetings and volume of paperwork that must be read and signed.

I do not Have the feeling of a broken record, because you can quickly switch from one activity to another without losing interest. My happiness that can “utorgovyvanie” all classes among themselves. Excuse me for being blunt, tired to take patients in the clinic – went to the hospital. Or in the lab on the Council.

I Have a schedule of visits around the country – are engaged in the construction of the service of immunology and Allergology. Want patients with impaired immunity – children and adults – could obtain the necessary diagnostics and assistance from the moment of birth to old age that it is accessible in each region.

at the time, academician Alexander G. Rumyantsev, my boss and mentor is actually everyday, in the same way created a system of care for children with cancer and blood cancer. Now each entity has a branch, and let anyone that called, I’ll try to pipe in…

– Why, listing classes, between which timeshare, you didn’t mention TV, they took him outside the brackets?

– you Know, it’s a parallel life. Treat it rather as a hobby. Although, of course, photography – paid work. You could even say well-paid.

Main source of your income?

– No, I make decent money as a doctor, but the money is clearly not enough for a house relatively close to the centre of Moscow.

There are a hundred meters?

– one Hundred and twenty.

I’m the founder of one of the companies of “SKOLKOVO”, my colleagues and I did a few test systems, sold patents, which in General, brings a good penny.

All that I have, I earned myself.

Parents with a baby Andrew. Photo: from family archive choice

the Professor Pyotr Pavlovich Prodeusa? What didn’t help his only son?

the Father because I was not born a chief doctor of the 9th children’s hospital named Speranskii, right? He has come a long way before it visits began to come Angelina Jolie and Prince Michael of Kent.

Photo: Angelina Jolie doesn’t want to live in the U.S.

Parents moved to Moscow from Vologda in 1974, where they were assigned after graduation from the Leningrad medical Institute. Father long not singled out here, and the four years we lived in a communal apartment on Krasnaya Presnya, the house 9. There I started to go to school.

Dad worked all his life in the hospital named Speranskii, where I now serve. Prior to 1988, the father was Deputy chief, built the surgical block, then Stal in charge… We never was in a direct subordinate relationship, although, of course, is one. You could say this is my home hospital, in fact, I grew up in.

Professor Petr Pavlovich Prodeusa with Angelina Jolie. Photo: from family archive

And your mother works there?

No, she is at the Institute of medical Parasitology, engaged in all sorts of germs, blastocyst, amoebas, Giardia. And in Vologda was in charge of parasitoidism regional SES. So I lived all my life with these, so to speak, parasites, with knowledge about them.

So, presumably, you have a choice and that was not- only medicine?

Photo: Oleksandr Kondratyuk/RIA Novosti Who and what enters the Petersburg medical universities

– don’t think so. Parents that insisted on the continuation of the dynasty, on the contrary really wanted me to do something else. Dad specially drove me to the Bauman higher technical school, where he opened a Department of medical equipment. I think it was his unrealized dream. But I said I would go to the pediatrician and to nobody else. That’s all calmed down, the parents to me are not much molested. I’m in the tenth grade, took the prize in the city Olympiad on chemistry, and me without entrance exams were invited to the Institute of fine chemical technology named after Mendeleev. Mom and dad realized that past the University, I definitely not treated, and were given a pardon, allowing to go wherever you want.

So I went to medical school in the Department of Pediatrics.

Why go?

Well, to treat children is always nicer and more fun than adults. And to be effective, it is necessary the imabe certain the location and the desire to help.

– So fascist to save would not?

– Probably would, but without empathy, the result will be different. You know? As the ancients said: he is a bad doctor after a conversation with which the patient is not relieved. Children are sincere and open, with adults difficult, they are often hiding something, even lying, of them with any information necessary ticks to rip.

Even from the point of view of emotions. If cured the child, he will live and keep a sense of gratitude. Do not think that I don’t want to help the elderly, although, I must admit, a certain inner peace the reward for work is important to me.

Returning to bedface, I will say that after a while, realized another important advantage: there were a lot of girls.

are you a womanizer?

– I… I love women.

– They pay it back?

At least, good to me. Women are to be respected, they are being more empathetic than men.

First marriage you have Institute?

– Yes, and I kept a great relationship with Olga, the mother of the eldest son of Anton. Perhaps we could continue to live, but the nineties was a serious challenge, including for families. So situation.

grandfather Valentin Ivanovich Simbirtseva. Photo: from family archive heroic grandparents

did You get married after military service in the army?

– I was taken after the second year of the Institute immediately cancelled the reservation. It in 1986. We so-called children of war children. Due to the resultant demographic gap, all students under the comb swept, only those who have what is called a white ticket, or are already served. We have on the flow of 120-130 boys three not called. Ottrubil two used and one with severe disease of the spine, and now he walks in a corset.

– Evade not tried?

– in theory, the Pope’s probNoah, could draw some medical documents – all the Deputy chief doctor of the hospital. But in our family it was not accepted. My grandfather on my mother’s side – Valentin Simbirtsev – a career officer, fought in the war, he graduated from the General staff Academy, he served as chief of the operational Department of the headquarters of the Ural Federal district Georgii Zhukov, when he fell into disgrace. The last post of his grandfather, head of the Department of artillery Academy in St. Petersburg.

– And paternal are veterans?

– of Course! Grandpa Paul is originally from a village in Khmelnytskyi region, he was called, when the war began…

the Whole family together. Photo: from family archive

what is your name?

the Prodeusa? Literally from Latin means “servant of God”, “walk under God”. At least eight generations of my ancestors lived in Ukraine, in its Western part. Apparently, paperprepared was a shepherd and came to those regions to preach the Catholic faith, met a beautiful Ukrainian girl, fell in love, married and stayed. in Ukraine you can find Priceyou and Producof that we are not relatives.

as for father Paul, he first came to funerals, then paper about the disappearance of missing. Indeed, he was wounded, got captured, but managed to escape, even back in his native village, which was under occupation. When our troops arrived, the grandfather again went to the front. Had the order of the red Star, medal “For courage”.

With such heroic grandfathers, I could not mow the army. A few days procentually in the famous Moscow collection point on Preske hoped that I would choose as a medical orderly, still has two courses of medical school he graduated from. But the result was in camp under Ostrogozhskom that in the Voronezh region, which was prepared by technical personnel for servicing of four-axle tractors, Takasu tactical missiles “ground-ground”. Such powerful ZIL-135 and MAZ.

Remained in camp four months, as expected. Homom he wanted to go to Afghanistan, so that means, to pay international debt.

Father came to visit soldier. Photo: from family archival Afghanistan

Why do you need it?

– That’s so conscious Soviet citizen was. The emotional outburst seemed perfectly normal.

In the end I went to Maikop, where there were parts that were preparing to ship out to Afghanistan. But then it stalled. Apparently, one of the commanders reasoned that the campaign is going to end, why nothing to send to hell the only student son of respected doctors from Moscow?

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov/RIA Novosti TV Presenter and doctor Elena Malysheva was named the best diet

I remained to serve in the separate repair battalion of the 14th armored division. At that moment, the head of the infirmary, was discharged, and his medical documentation was nobody. And here I am – not sewn Mare’s tail. And profits to the business. Then came the Lieutenant, twice wounded, shell-shocked, with a red banner and red Star, made from the battlefield 135 soldiers with personal weapons… For such a feat in the Great Patriotic war was immediately given the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, but my warrant officer award not received as inappropriate knocked a couple of teeth one General…

in a Word, was cool companion. After each injury, he rushed back to Afghanistan, because life is seen only in extreme situations. Relatively speaking, corn is not the soldier seemed to him a problem, and even diarrhea and even more. Even speak humanly he couldn’t do it, it was given with great difficulty. But we somehow found a common language. It is clear that the ensign is categorically could not do with paper routine, zverela from her. As and, in General, the soldiers ‘ complaints. He came to life only in the case when it came to Afghanistan.

“Demobilization” of the Afghan war, which Andrew also had the opportunity to catch. Photo: RIA Novosti

When it became clear that will soon begin the withdrawal of troops, we were assigned to prepare the base for the quarantine, where fighters had to spend at least 45 days, because they brought with them everything from cholera to hepatitis and ending with dysentery. It was impossible to prevent the spread of this infection.

from time to Time we were flying into Afghanistan for the necessary documentation to travel and I was prepared accordingly. Since then, not like skydiving. In fact, I was expelled from An-2 kick up the backside. Well, the parachutes were with a sling, cupola opened itself, without my participation.

– And how many times you here so knock boots?

– I Have three jumps. Stop. Enough.

– And in serious alterations you got?

– Well, our plane was fired, but so as to participate in combat operations, it, fortunately, was not. Not my problem.

– But you got the status of veterans of foreign wars?

I served in the 14th armored division, which is not officially in Afghanistan. Perhaps it would be possible to hurry up, but why do I need the laurels of others?

So it was at the crossing…. Photo: RIA a drowned tank Novosti

– what’s the story with the rescue of a drowning man?

Is early fall of 1987, the teachings under Volgodonsk.

the Tanks had to pass the Ford in the poles. On the T-72 was put a special tube for ventilation. The depth of the river – about five meters. Our mobile clinic was located in the GAZ-66. We stood on the hill and watched the maneuvers of the battalion.

Went to the first platoon. One tank, then the second… the Commander of the third, apparently, decidedto cut the distance and turned slightly to the side. To do this was absolutely not the car fell into a hole and honestly lay on the bottom. With the pipe dived, only the bubbles on the surface.

Watching from a ferry the engineers immediately cried out, swept up, waved his arms.

But my Lieutenant didn’t waste any time, reacted in a second. He’s accustomed to emergencies. Screaming “Your mother!” instantly rolled down the hill and leaped into the water without undressing, in what was. I – followed. By the way, I drowned my driver’s license there for a long time then restored after the army.

But in this situation, a stranger not think everything is subordinated to the solution of the problem. In principle, the river was not too wide but deep and the water’s cold. Still, autumn…

left a Deep tank?

– pipe to the surface of the meter probably was two. The Sergeant ducked and let’s gouge a foot in the door of the tower. Say, open up, morons! And those – on the contrary – sacralise and blowing bubbles, wait until the water through the cracks in the hull leaked, and they all drown.

My eldest shows signs emerge. Rose, slightly caught his breath, he’s on his available Russian language explains that, apparently, we the crew will not gouge, they fright will sit until it stops, until you die to hell. Therefore, they say, breath, we dive under the belly of the tank, there is another hatch, and from there will go. “Your job is to be there when I get to pull them. Drag to the top.”

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov / RIA Novosti Malyshev has told how she managed to stop the development of cancer.

So we dived presses on the ears, but not so very much. I’m well sailed, because three years seriously was engaged in water Polo, played in the team “Labor reservein”. Overall, we opened the hatch, began some alarm, was put out someone’s face, the ensign without hesitation soldered between the eyes, well, the client and passed out, lost consciousness. I picked up the lifeless body and to the surface. The ensign also came up. We unloaded one and went for a second. In this way, and pulled out all three.

Long it lasted?

– No time was not detected. Maybe a minute or two… the Problem was different. While we were diving, the command of the division watched from the hill behind the oil painting. First the tank boomed, then some men in the water jumped, began to throw upon the shore of the body.

Tank crews had to pump out?

– They do not have time to be swallowed, inside was a nice air bubble, and the officers were cut down poor before they began to rock the boat. One nose was broken, another had a black eye.

the award has found the heroes, you encouraged?

– FOP has decided not to inflate. If the incident has been made public, would disrupt someone’s shoulder straps. The commander of the crew exactly roared into a disciplinary battalion. At least! Recessed tank then a long and tedious out of the water, restored. It’s defacing government property and the threat to the life of the slave!

That incident and softened. My ensign after some time went to Afghanistan, has long dreamed of, and I was given the rank of Sergeant and in honor of the approaching Day of the tanker provided a second additional leave because one I had time to expire. For the shown courage, determination and other tra-TA-TA. It was a unique situation.

the result of the visit to Moscow was the birth of the eldest son. Vacation I have been given new 1988, and Anton were born, as expected, nine months later – on September 27.

Such is the story of a drowned tank. I successfully got my position, returned home and continued his studies at medpace medical school.

“In 1994, invited at Harvard, a year later I went there…”About the West

– And how did you get into Heidelberg University?

– In the early nineties already practiced the exchange of students between the best universities of Russia and other countries. After the end of the fifth year came the quota of the University of Heidelberg, one of the oldest in Europe. Two there the student had to come for a year in Moscow, and two Russians to go to Germany. The German language is, strictly speaking, I didn’t know, but academician Rumyantsev said, “Andrew, don’t worry, go ahead. A residency in the specialty you and I read, and other objects will pass, when I return.” In fact, Alexander Grigoryevich as it gave me a place to live, work umbrella.

And I went. We drove to the clinic, and then said: you guys are quite ready to work independently, you essentially learn nothing. And I went to the Institute of immunology and serology, began working with HIV infection. This summer 1991, on the eve of the putsch. It turned out that I left with a Soviet passport, and the USSR six months later, disappeared from the political map of the world. German friends looked at me in bewilderment: where are you going to return?

– Could I stay?

– Completely. All went well, I started diagnosis, mastered laboratory techniques and quickly got some interesting results for the study of HIV infection. I was paid not only scholarship, but also a very decent salary, about two and a half thousand German marks, which at that time Russia was an astronomical amount. Plus six stamps scholarships. In addition, relied student coupons for food…

Suspect the home you returned to Mercedes?

that was close. In Moscow bought the 316-th model BMW. I was completely encased by the citizen.

You have not explained why said goodbye to Heidelberg?

– at Home waiting for small son, an interesting job. Academician Rumyantsev I continued to immunology, the study of cells. It was very interesting BPemya! A couple of years, the year in 1994, in Moscow began to come to different headhunters and to recruit, call for work in the West. Remember, granted a large American Professor, “dinosaur” clinical immunology. When we met, he said, “We’ll take of your future”. They say, we care about your future.

Rumyantsev always happy to send employees abroad for internships, his ideology was simple: after the training he received back prepared employees. If people remained behind a cordon, “the defector” had a natural sense of gratitude to Alexander Lukashenko and continued to cooperate with him.

Academician Alexander G. Rumyantsev, mentor, friend.


– Rumyantsev often repeated: “Children, I the umbrella. Your business – to work.” Therefore, and at Harvard he has blessed me. In 1994 was invited, but I went along with my colleague Anna, who would later become mother of my second son.

Olga and by the time we had left.

You’ve spent in the States five years?

– Almost to the end of 1999. The Americans didn’t want us to leave. The University has requested US government permission and we are suggested to apply for a residence permit in the column “Outstanding research”. As outstanding researchers. But we had no problem to stay. Here is my youngest son Artem, who was born in the United States, dual citizenship – Russia and the United States. He is now studying at the town of Olympia. It is the capital of the state of Washington.

Team of the TV program “Live healthy” (left to right): Elena Malysheva, Andrey Prodeusa, Hermann Gandelman and Dmitry Shubin. Photo: RIA Novosti filming

– And the TV when you hit the ball, Andrei Petrovich?

– it Turned out as? Young pimp again made by Alexander Rumyantsev. He called me and said, “Look, there’s a lady who leads the program “Health” on the First channel. She is going to defend his doctoral thesis on the remodeling of the inflammatory response of macrophages proteins typical of shock…”

– a Bit slower…

– That Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the same thing. Like, can’t find a worthy opponent, as even the theme of the dissertation, few who understand. I said, “No question. Be a reviewer”. I do not mind, I don’t watch TV.

So we met

after some time, Elena began to invite me as an expert in the program “Health”. And in 2010 started the project “Live healthy”, and just two or three months after its launch, I began to participate in the transfer on a more or less regular basis. At first it was treated as fun, with the shooting time turned into serious and responsible work.

I became a better and deeper understanding of those branches of medicine that was not key to me profile. No matter what it is – dentistry, obstetrics, gynecology or surgery. Clearly, preparation for broadcast, gathering information takes time and effort, on the other hand, it provides my own professional growth. Superfluous knowledge does not happen.

So, I do not regret that agreed?

Photo: REUTERS/Ciro De Luca Singapore has introduced legislation to ban closer to each other

– Probably that’s my nature, not in vain is still in the army wrote a letter asking to send to Afghanistan to give the “international duty”. I try to live by the principle “If not me, then who?”

let me Remind you that our program was replaced by the notorious transfer “Malakhov plus”.

Where drink the urine?

– And bone sacapwas in and then walked in circles.

But you, sorry, thrash enough. It is enough to remember dancing and singing uterus testicles.

– you Know, we should treat it as a show. Scientific and educational. There was a time I really argued with Elena Vasilyevna, saying that it is not necessary to descend to such a simplistic level. She replied: “We must work for children – third grade, second quarter. But don’t disrespect the audience. If complicated information, in the best case, we do not understand, switch to another channel, at worst we’ll be useless.”

need something to show in the format of the show. Though washing, though driving, but we told our subjects sitting in the minds of people, some useful nauseam we filled audience.

– What happened to you to refuse to participate in the filming of the particularly hard scenes?

Already told you early on that have sharp points, but since that time not only have we learned to hear Elena Malyshev, but it is us.

Professor Prodeusa advises Orenburg children. May 2016.About flying dumbbells

– Participation in the TV show increased your capitalization?

you Know, I think in the other locations and categories. As for profession, I’m sorry, at thirty-five became one of the youngest heads of a clinical Department at the faculty of Pediatrics in the 2-nd Honey, now Russian state University named after Pirogov. I have no problems with the number of patients nor with their quality. The place has always stood out to horizon.

It is possible to carry on the other, the system of lobbying. Of course, the host of the First channel in a region react differently than the usual Moscow doctor. The farther from the capital it works harder. To “companion TV” the attitude is different. Sometimes it bore good fruit. For example, in several regions managed by using my awareness to start and realito fulfill the Governor’s program to help children with diseases of the immune system, to open the Department of Allergology. In this sense, administrative resource works, and I don’t see anything wrong with that, to use it for peaceful purposes.

Officials rarely say no to me because they do not know will not come with some side dumbbell in case of failure.

– I had to use it ever? Dumbbell something…

– Often enough that people know about the existence of the option. This makes the situation slightly more advantageous. All know that in ten years of working with Elena Malysheva I have acquired certain capabilities. How many will venture to test the strength of my relationships with the powers that be? In this sense, TV has not lost its resource. And for me, when I made the decision to cooperate with the First channel, this fact was also one of the very important arguments.

From such tools usually do not refuse.

Awareness of opportunities it provides, it is a fact. When visiting the region, I find it easier, or rather, for me it’s easier to gather an audience of doctors and specialists. They go with interest, hoping to hear the TV stories. It’s like a recital. I often have to do this trick: just say that we are not in the program “Live healthy” we will talk about the clinic and science. In fifteen minutes it is usually possible to switch room on the right professional wave.

– And inside the team of presenters show how the relationship? Nothing personal, just business?

– Extremely grateful to Elena Vasilevne for giving the opportunity to meet with the Hero Gandelman. Surely you know that with age, it is difficult to find people close in spirit. Friendship often lasts from childhood and youth, and Gera became my closest friend in the middle years. Although he lives in another country, for many years a citizen of Israel.

– the Specially arrives for the recording of the program?

– of Course. Gera vecherom on Thursday arrived in Moscow, working on the set Friday, Saturday and Sunday night getting on a plane and on Monday morning already out on the service at the medical center Kaplan, the world’s most famous clinic for intravascularly transplants of heart valves. Last year and a half Herman Shaevich head of the Department, is considered a leading expert in Europe, so the load is enormous. He himself routine makes all the stents, blood vessels, angiography.

Alas, the latest shooting pool, held in late March, Gera missed. He now cannot travel abroad, cannot leave the territory of Israel. As, however, and other doctors. In fact, they mobilized. Gera is on duty in the intensive ward.

“Thank you” to the coronavirus?

– If only in quotation marks.

Moscow. ENEA. March 2020. Photo: RIA Novosti coronavirus

– Now we come to the hot topic of recent weeks. What can we expect, Andrei Petrovich?

– the increasing number of cases. Significant.

In Moscow?

– including. In the major cities. Then there will be a stabilization and reduction of new cases of infections. In General, there are certain mathematical models of infectious processes in pandemic conditions.

– In an apocalyptic scenario believe?

– Absolutely not. For this to happen, the virus should mutate and become more evil. We met and a more severe situation. And in 2012, and 2014 severe flu walked. Also with respiratory failure. Nothing on the right.

Then what caused the current General panic and mobilize?

Photo: provided by the media Corporation of China China and the USA should unite in the fight against coronavirus

– Trying to talk like the doctor, based not on emotion but on the knowledge possessed. Understand from a medical point of view, we are dealing with a new subtype of virus against which we have no immunity. Stratum of the population of people with protection from coronavirus, is very small. Therefore, it is impossible to prevent the peak of the growing number of cases, surge exponentially. Otherwise, the number of deaths will begin to grow rapidly. We know that from the coronavirus that causes people to die. Most, unfortunately, it is the elderly, those over 65. First and foremost, this category is necessary to protect and to keep. Especially those who have confounding pathology. Because multi-organ and respiratory failure are the main problem.

this is all they say.

as for nix world because of the pandemic, I think there are at least two aspects.

First. Indeed, the rapid spread of the virus across the planet poses a threat. Earlier people so much did not move, did not fly, and therefore could not have so rapidly spread the infection around the world. And immunity, I repeat, no, nobody yet knows how the virus will evolve. It’s the medical part of the story.

Second. can Not do without politics and Economics. About it it is hard for me to judge, but I am sure that this aspect also cannot be ignored. No wonder it has said that on the global impact of the current pandemic can be compared to war. In fact, there is a redistribution of the world. What will it be tomorrow?

of Course, I find it easier to talk about the medical component. Again, there were more serious infections in recent years. Take, for example, SARS. The number of deaths was over-the-top. Up to forty percent of the patients had died. Another thing is that the contagiousness of the virus was different, it managed to control.

And the Ebola outbreak extinguished. The same thing is very unpleasant, but the ability to spread it was lower than that of the novel coronavirus. Worldthe community then raised.

Important contagiousness, in other words, the ability of the infected to infect another person. Coronavirus can spread from one patient to two or three healthy.

this view: if you take even the most severe flu walking this year, it appears that the number of deaths from a disease for which there is a vaccine and drugs, while higher than that of the coronavirus. I regularly monitor the U.S. center for disease control. It about once a week publishes official data. And sure enough, by mid-March in the US from the flu killed more than twenty thousand people. From October 1 – 32 million cases, 14 million medical visits, 310 thousand hospitalizations… And society do not panic, do not hit the alarm, there is no such agitation, as due to the coronavirus.

Another matter which we are now concerned – if the prevalence COVID-19 will be like the flu, the number of deaths will be higher. Five times at least. That’s a lot.

For myself, some decisions made? Stocked up on canned meat, buckwheat and toilet paper?

– I see No reason and meaning. I hope hysteria from buying goods in store at some point will end.


I’m an optimist by nature, but not a fortune teller… the Authorities, the media should always work with people, to explain, not to conceal information.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS Epidemiologists described the period of greatest infectivity of the carrier of the coronavirus

Yes, the pathogen is ahead of us, we are in pursuit, and it is desirable to be in the front… I Think another month and a half to two growth cases will go up, then the situation stabiliziruemost. Usually by the summer of epidemic fade naturally. But it’s hard to say how things will develop in the fall, next season.

– So too early to relax?

– But in the panic to hit is not worth it. Humanity will win and will get a new useful experience. This is important. Because to live – great!