Instead of the stage before the audience enclosure, reminiscent of a circus arena. Half of the characters dressed up too well in the circus – a lion tamer with a whip, and clowns. And in hospital beds around the perimeter of the arena and I want to say “gymnasts”, but the children in the orphanage for the disabled. Someone has no arms or legs, someone brings severe spasticity who barely grunts instead of articulate speech. The metaphor is clear: to become the “ordinary people like everyone else” these kids have to make literally a circus of tricks and wonders of balancing act – it is not available as Chomolungma, for many of them is even going to the toilet.

Photo: Vladimir Postnov/Press service of the Alexandrinsky theatre How did the unique premiere of “revolver” at the Alexandrinsky

Ill books Ruben Gallego Prince by birth (he is the grandson of General Secretary of the Communist party of Spain) and needy at the children’s fate (his mother, a student of Moscow state University, said son died at birth, because the boy was born severely disabled) – a special genre. This is not just an autobiography, it is an attempt to show that fine feelings, bright things, the greatest power of the spirit and miracles are possible everywhere, regardless of regimes and systems.

I Admit, books Gallego written quite a monotonous language. Apparently to overcome this monotony, the Director tried to saturate the performance of various stunts, slapstick and documentary video sequences in which people, of direct relevance to disability issues, Express their position. We see confessions of a mother of a disabled child, Chairman of the NGO, editor of the newspaper “Russian invalid”.

unfortunately, as is often the case with young Directors, the Director here has changed a sense of proportion: if these inserts were shorter, and circus tricks are not so farcical, the impression was stronger.

Young actors theatre Vladimir Boikov (Ruben), Arseniy sparrows (Mike), Igor Gaplikov (Kohl) and Andrey Arkhipov (Serge) is very nice to cope with their tasks. The best places of the play I would have called it the most literary pieces – dialogues of Ruben and Misha about good and evil, for example. The question (“the Kind – the one from whom all good and evil – from whom all bad? Then you’re angry – because of you, helpless and disabled, all hard”) really makes you think about what bring into our lives the special people.

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Charming is played by Julia Me the story of the little midget that lived in his tiny room with his toy table and a bed made of flowers for cemetery wreaths and requested the Director only one thing: not to translate it to the third floor, to a goner, where adult furniture and all unusual. Her first, listened carefully, and then banished.

In tragic situations, heartbreaking scenes, which despised human dignity in such closed institutions, in the play a lot. But he does not leave the impression seamy side. Humor whether inherent in the letter of Ruben Gallego, the reason? Or happy end of the story – the hero managed to find a home, to be discharged from the orphanage, to start a family? Or the overall tone of teenage memories are always colored by joy, no matter how sad the circumstances? God knows.

one thing is clear, in repertory, a very important social performance. And this is a lot.